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Video Conference Passes Now Available!

Published on September 18th, 2013 by adam

LTB loves conferences, and we know many of our listeners do too!  It’s great when we can attend the events but sometimes the cost of  tickets, travel expenses, accommodations, food  and (let’s face it)  TIME really adds up and puts the experience out of reach.

To make matters worse, most events in the Bitcoin space do NOT have professional crews filming their talks!  Conferences often  rely on volunteers who have no incentive to do a good job or get videos posted quickly, or sometimes  don’t get it together to record at all!

After several weeks of preparation, I'm really  pleased to announce our the first HD Video product from Let's Talk Bitcoin!  We've partnered with the good folks at BitCredits.io to create a shopping experience that really leverages Bitcoin, fast easy and private with no need to get out your credit card or needlessly share your billing address with us.

LTB has partnered with Jeffrey Tucker’s Crypto Currency Conference to professionally film all 6.5 hrs of Bitcoin and the Future of Money in high-definition, and get it  delivered quickly to the people who care the most.

What is a Video Conference Pass?

Available in both Streaming and Streaming + DVD configurations, order your Video Pass today to enjoy early bird pricing and contribute to our Improve-the-Production promotion!

Want to pay with Bitcoin?  Enjoy a more private solution AND discounted prices!

If you’d rather not pay, that’s fine!  45 Days after the recordings become available to pass holders, medium-quality versions of the videos will be released on YouTube to add to the conversation and for the community at large to enjoy.

This conference pass model is our latest experiment – and it  gives LTB a way to attend and cover Bitcoin conferences and conventions all over the world, and provide a valuable service without it being charity on our part.

Thank you for participating in this experiment; we hope it’s the first of many!

FAQ Q: What are the details? A: This is a Single Stage Event – All Introductions and talks will be filmed in 720p from a stationary location.  Audio will be provided via direct feed from the audio board. Q: How Many Events Are There?  Who is Speaking? A: Live events are unpredictable, but we estimate about six and a half hours of video content.  For the full lineup please see the main page Q: Will This Be Streamed Live? A: No, for this first attempt we wanted to keep it simple and prove there’s actually a market who wants this type of content before dealing with the added complexities of Live broadcasting.  If you’d like this feature in the future, please let us know! Q: You only need my Email Address for a Pass?  How will I watch the videos? A: You’ll be sent a password when the videos are available to access a members area of the website, your email address will be your login.  We’ve partnered with ScaleEngine.com for our streaming video Q: Can I pay with Dollars? A: Yes! Q: Why is the price cheaper in Bitcoin than Dollars? A: Because Bitcoin is a deflationary currency, it gets more valuable over time.  Knowing that, we appreciate you spending bitcoins with us and give you a higher valuation for them because we believe they’ll be worth that in the future. Q: What is the Improve-the-Production promotion? A: We’d like to add a second cameraman to the event crew so reaction shots or alternative angles can be captured.  There is a Cocktail Party at the Bitpay office the evening before, we’d like to expand coverage to include interviews from that.    And LTB’s Stephanie Murphy would love to join the crew in Atlanta for her trademark on-the-show-floor interviews.  All of this is possible given enough supporters purchasing video conference passes. Threshholds
  • 500 Viewers – 2nd Camera, Cameraman + Enchanced Editing
  • 750 Viewers – Cocktail Party Coverage (+1hr Content)
  • 1500 Viewers – Stephanie Murphy Joins for Conference Interviews (+2hrs Content)

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