Token-Controlled Access Forums

Token-controlled access (TCA) forums are an initiative from the LTB Network (LTBN) that lets anyone create a private, access-controlled community forum. When a given person holds the right access token in their inventory, we call it token-controlled access.

TCA instantly creates token-controlled private forums. The experience while visiting the LTB Network will not change if you do not have any access tokens. But if you do have a specific token in your Counterparty-compatible wallet, you will be able to see any TCA forums that you have access to on the forums.

Use the form below to create your TCA Forum. Give your token to friends or confidants and collaborate without distraction. For example: Create a "backers only" area for individuals who hold your crowdfunding coin.

  • Turning your coin into an access token gives it value on the LTBN Network. Use it to start your own conversation, and receive a discount when you pay with LTBCoin.

  • The one-time cost gets you one private board attached to the Counterparty-based (XCP) token of your designation.

  • The TCA forum creation process is automated, and the creator becomes the moderator. You may designate additional moderators.

  • TCA forums are secure. Without the access token, your forum content is not visible.

Technologies such as Counterparty have made it easy to create a token, but tokens don't do much on their own. Using the Tokenly platform, on which LTBN is built, you can give your token utility for its holders.

This is one of many tools in a series of developing token-controlled access technologies from

We do not guarantee performance or uptime. The LTB Network operates under the laws of California and will remove or report any illegal activity on the site.

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