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The LTB Network Submission Guidelines

About the LTB Network

The LTB Network (LTBN) provides a platform for publication of the ideas from the people and projects involved in the new digital economy — the challenges they face and the problems they are working to solve. Our ongoing vision is to:

  • Be the place where people come for honest and accurate news and discussion about cryptocurrencies
  • Provide a platform for varied voices, opinions, experiences, and viewpoints from the worldwide crypto community
  • Publish writers who demonstrate high journalistic integrity and strong writing and research skills
  • Publish news based on relevance to current community conversation — for example, areas of division — focusing on accuracy, interest, and depth
  • Clearly separate promotional material from articles
  • Put quality over quantity (avoid clickbait, rushed stories, or content that’s deliberately shocking)

About the Guidelines

Submissions must meet the standards and processes identified in these guidelines. We appreciate feedback on any improvements to this document. Contact us at: [email protected]

Content and Format

We are looking for writers and podcasters who demonstrate strong communication and research skills. We accept in-depth articles, opinion, news, audio, video, full-length podcasts, artwork, and fiction. Written content should be 600–1800 words in length and podcasts should be at least 30 minutes of high quality audio. Exceptions will be considered.

We do not publish press releases, or sponsored or promotional content.

The Editorial Board

All written content goes through our editorial board and must be approved by at least three board members before publication on the front page. The board consists of active participants at LTBN who have varying backgrounds and expertise. We are:

  • Cheryl Hulseapple, Publisher (@cherapple)
  • David R. Allen, Sales and General Manager (@davidareallen)
  • Adam B. Levine, Founder of Let’s Talk Bitcoin, and CEO of Tokenly (@adam)
  • Rob Mitchell, Founder of The Bitcoin Game podcast (@Rob)
  • Daniel Himmelstein, Editor (@dhimmel)
  • Denise Levine, Internal Communications (@denise)


Submissions of podcast content should be at least 30 minutes long and contain high-quality audio and original, stimulating discussion. Regular podcasters will receive a podcaster token that provides access to enhanced network services, such as tailored advertising sales and promotional services.


Be among the first to start a network blog about crypto topics — or anything else — from your point of view. Write about the triumphs, challenges, and experiences of the new digital economy from your part of the world. You may use your blog in any way you like, while posts that meet network standards may be submitted for showcasing on the front page.

Blogs cost US$10.00 per month, but if you are a regular contributor averaging one article per week of front-page content, the cost of the blog is included as part of your reward for contribution.

See examples:

Revenue Generation

LTBN is geared to assist you in being financially sustainable with your content creation. Obviously, the market will decide on your success; however, our staff can help you get the word out, as well as provide a number of options and tools to generate revenue through advertising and promotions. Specific writers are under separate contracts, and agreements provide additional benefits. If interested, contact us for more information at: [email protected]

How to Use the Editorial Platform

Members of LTBN may input submissions directly from within the platform. If you are not yet a member, please register for an account. If you are a member, you will find a link for creating a “new submission” in the bottom left-hand corner of your dashboard.

All network members receive one free submission. Thereafter, a fee of 1,000 LTBC each applies (for token-controlled spam-prevention purposes), easily earned through the rewards for publication and community participation.

Other Ways to Submit Your Work

If you aren't interested in becoming a member and using the editorial system, but you would still like to submit your work to LTBN, you may do so as a guest author. Send an email to: [email protected] and attach your writing in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or PDF format. We will get back to you within 72 hours.

Submission Form

Terms and Conditions: We give preferential treatment to original, exclusive content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. By submitting your work through this form, you apply an open-source Creative Commons licensing structure that requires us to give you credit (attribution) for your work. Additional terms and conditions may be considered.