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SovereignBTC #4 - Bitcoin Revolutionaries

Published on February 23rd, 2014 by SovBTC

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Subscribe to the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! Network Feed SovereignBTC is your guide to the practical side of everyday Bitcoin use. SovereignBTC Episode 4 shownotes – Bitcoin Revolutionaries SoveregnBTC_Podcast3 This weeks episode of SovereignBTC is jam packed with Bitcoin enthusiasts and world changers!  We report from Liberty Forum 2014 put on by the Free State Project.  Last year, Liberty Forum and the Bitcoin enthusiasts in attendance played a big role in turning myself, and Jefferey Tucker, on to Bitcoin.  This year was much of the same.  We start the show off by exploring the vendor area and talking with people who accept bitcoin about why it benefits their businesses and why they love it. We hear from: Davi Barker of Shiny Badges and Bitcoin Not Bombs Neal and Matt of the Lamassu Bitcoin ATM Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live and the Keene Bitcoin Network Stephen Macaskill of Amagi Metals Jillian Batty of Stateles Sweets Mark Edge of Free Talk Live We then hit you with this weeks Bitcoin Tip of the Week on Transaction Fees Next we hear from Patrick Byrne, CEO of http://overstock.com Then we bring you this weeks quote of the week, with assistance from a very special guest. Finally, we present this weeks featured interview with Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed and UnSystem, the creators of Dar Wallet. Thanks again for listening to SovereignBTC, your guide to the practical side of everyday Bitcoin use! Website: http://sovereignbtc.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/sovereignbtc Twitter: http://twitter.com/sovbtc LIVE FREE AND PROSPER!

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