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  • Re: What if it was profitable for The Pirate Bay when you listen to music on Spotify?

    Nobody famous. We got some good songs and we've got some shitty (my) songs as well.

    It's mostly up-and-coming artists. Our latest release is by ZeroGravity, who's only 14 years of age. You can check out our playlist below. Maybe there's something there you like, if not, tell your favourite local band to join us ;)

  • What if it was profitable for The Pirate Bay when you listen to music on Spotify?

    That was a weird statement, huh?

    I did the following at first because it was something that made me laugh, but then again it wasn't all that silly either...I think.

    The project I'm working on involves music and tokens. Basically, musicians get some tokens when they join our project. Some of you here have also received these tokens by answering the quizzes I've posted. These tokens represent a portion of our profits, if or when there ever is one. In other words, if there's a profit we can send bitcoin to the token holders.

    I've also held the mentioned quizzes on r/music on Reddit. There were several users that got the quiz right, however, none who were interested in the prize. To put it into their words “they didn't have a bitcoin account”. Even with my delightful explanation that it's as simple as downloading an app, it just seemed like a bit too much bother. But all in all they enjoyed the trivia. One user said I could donate the prize to charity, so that's what I've done.

    There are several projects out there that accepts bitcoin donations. The projects I've chosen to send tokens to are ones that have a static donation address on their site:

    • The Pirate Bay
    • GIMP
    • VideoLan (VLC)
    • The Water Project

    25 tokens were sent to each of them. We can all double check that it's been sent which is nice.

    So, the next time you add one of our songs to your playlist you'll know that The Pirate Bay might be getting a tiny bit of that streaming revenue. Pretty cool! Or maybe kind of messed up?


    The Pirate Bay -

    GIMP -

    VideoLan (VLC) -

    The Water Project -

    Check the address holdings:

    The Pirate Bay -

    GIMP -

    VideoLan (VLC) -

    The Water Project -


    Reddit quiz -

    Block Label -

  • Re: Enter clickbait title [here]

    Metallica - Nothing Else Matters was the answer.

    Out now

    alt text

  • Re: Enter clickbait title [here]

    Hehe, depends if you were hip in the early 90's...

    • The song is off an album commonly known as The Black Album.
    • The drummer is the son of this guy.
  • Enter clickbait title [here]

    Guess the song that's being covered. Who has the original?

    This one should be easier than the last one. I'll send some experimental tokens to the first few that gets it right.

    Send me a PM with your answer. [artistname – songname] along with your bitcoin address.

  • Re: Guess the original

    Captain Cook just called*, said he didn't care much for the title of our video and that we should listen to @btcdroid

    *Of course TC didn't call...

    Changed the title to something better that gets the message across anyway. It's probably a good call, never know when their legal team might be bored. :D

  • Re: Guess the original

    Hehe, yeah. I'll actually be pretty chuffed if they expressed an opinion on it. They won't though, we're not even a speck of dust on their radar. Nor are we competing with them, they'll actually gain if we were achieve anything substantial.

    Wonder what they think of McAfee's latest video?:

  • Re: Guess the original

    Some of you might be interested in this since we're undergoing some changes:

    We're making some changes to the site and will do a complete overhaul of how things will work going forward.

    It has been a good learning period to see what works and what doesn't, it's an experiment and it will still be an experiment, but now we want to improve on what we have started. We're going back to the drawing board and hopefully we'll come out better, wiser and stronger.

    Think Differently from Block Label on Vimeo.

  • Transferring the value of a national currency onto the bitcoin blockchain

    I recently used NOKcoin as the payout token for project Block Label. It's merely a payout to holders of FANTOKEN as a proof of concept.

    Some of you might be wondering what you just got in your wallet.

    But first, I'm wondering if there's anybody who has a token based project that could implement NOKcoin as something specific in their project? I'm fond of the idea that tokens can be multi-purpose. It makes things interesting and would turn it into something more than just a currency in the traditional sense if it's for example an item in a game also.

    What is NOKcoin?

    NOKcoin was created on Counterparty last year and is similar to what they've recently done in Barbados with the blockchain-based version of the Barbadian dollar.

    However, NOKcoin is unlike other currency pegs. It is just as much a thought experiment of transferring the value of a national currency onto the bitcoin blockchain.

    The national currency in question here is NOK (Norwegian krone). Transferring from the Norwegian krone to NOKcoin is always set at a 1:1 ratio. What's interesting is that the amount of kroners spent on NOKcoin is used to purchase bitcoin. This is then sent to a paperwallet that acts as NOKcoin's gold-standard in the form of bitcoin. Which means NOKcoin can potentially be worth more than the original.

    NOKcoin was also created in a unique way. To prove that it wasn't created out of thin air, the first 50 NOKcoin was created after a “Proof of Shredder”. The shredding of a 50 kroner note was filmed under UV-light.

    The next 50 was created when NOKcoin was purchased with the Norwegian kroner. At the time this equated to 0.01373093 BTC (after subtracting miner fees involved with issuance and sending) which was then sent to the paperwallet/bitcoin-reserve.

    Right now there's only 100 NOKcoin in circulation, and it will only increase when somebody purchases NOKcoin with the Norwegian krone.

    All in all it's a currency backed by bitcoin in more ways than one.


    Blockchain-based Barbadian dollar

    Proof of Shredder (Caution: Do not try this at home if you are based in the US. You have laws against it: 18 U.S.C. § 333 )

    Purchase NOKcoin (only available to those with a bank account in Norway)

    NOKcoin's bitcoin-reserve address

    The announcement of NOKcoin on Reddit (this is in Norwegian)


    The 50 kroner's recent appearance in House of Cards

  • Re: Guess the original

    @btcdroid Just sent you a PM, you' haven't missed out =D

    It's still open if others are interested, I have yet to receive 10 correct answers.

    The prize could probably be more attractive, it isn't like these tokens are worth much at the moment. For some additional information surrounding the project and the idea behind the tokens: Read the PDF here.

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