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  • Re: Reasons to move to LTB forum

    @c44c This could be the result of Bitcointalk getting hacked a few weeks ago. The hacker(s) got ahold of the database, so it's a reasonable assumption that they have been at trying to brute force the login and passwords.

    Highly regarded accounts could be used in new scams to give the impression that trusted members are backing or supporting some website, a new altcoin for pump&dump or the like.

    Here's some more info about the attack:

    Thats a good point the attack isn't their fault, but either way the trust system is pretty much all you have to rely on in bitcointalk. What bothered me most of all was the fact that accounts were being openly sold on the forum and it was being allowed by the moderator.

    How many people see stuff like that and get put off investing in crypto altogether? I can't say I blame them. Anyway it's good alternatives out there.

  • Re: Reasons to move to LTB forum

    Thanks I will, hopefully its a warning to anyone new in crypto to be very careful on bitcointalk especially with trades etc. I like the fact that you don't tolerate that kind of crap here, it really is quite refreshing:)

  • Reasons to move to LTB forum

    Is there any wonder BTC price struggles when this is its information hub full of crooks and scammers;topicseen#msg11502934 .

    Horrible attempt to abuse the trust system and all mod says is move it to the marketplace, at least Cryptopia exchange called them out on what they are doing. I am glad LTB forums are here.

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