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  • Re: How do you listen to LTB podcasts?

    @Rob I usually listen while on the go streaming through the LTB iOS app. If I am not listening while running or commuting, I will listen to the podcasts as background material for when I am working on other tasks.

  • Re: LTBc Fantasy Football


    If an owner sells 80% of his potential winnings, what is his motivation to make good decisions regarding his team? I think this is an important aspect to consider as an outsider buying a team token.

    It's not that I believe an owner would actually do this as it would be highly irrational. Just adding a marker out there for consideration.

    It is of course entirely possible that at auction even something as low as 25% of a well performing team's tokens could go for 15,000 LTBc. We shall see.

    Obviously this is not possible currently, but I kind of think it would be cool if the access to make decisions about a team and its roster in this kind of structure was locked by the majority token holder for that team. Maybe someone who sees a "fixer upper" team makes a good offer on its majority stake and "flips" the team into a contender. Everyone is happy, right!

  • Re: LTBc Fantasy Football

    @loon3 This adds a brand new layer to fantasy decision making as a team owner, and I couldn't love it any more. Assuming the average token winning values you scratched out, an owner would have to give up 80 of their team tokens at that auction value to match their buy in for the season of 15,000 LTBc. This of course, assumes the market would bear that price for the owner.

    Tokenizing a team gives owners options, and adds a completely new layer to the game.

    I wonder if the market will take a "buy low, sell high" attitude, or put a lot of their eggs in one basket with teams that have have done well these past few weeks.

    Very interesting!

  • Re: LTBc Fantasy Football

    @loon3 I like it....100 feels like a good number, especially for the market that will be involved.

  • Re: Should we Keep our LTBcoins to rise it's price ?

    I think everyone should do with their LTBc what they wish. The market price will eventually come around to the value of what the network provides.

    IMO, just sitting around and waiting for it to gain more satoshi value is counterproductive to the purpose of LTBc. If you are looking for the token to gain more value, I would like to think it would be better to start with providing more actions to the community that adds value to the network.

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