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  • Re: Earn LTBC by Publishing Your Writings for LTB! All accounts now may compose and submit articles for the front page - Walkthrough inside!

    How can I submit a podcast or video?

  • Re: Let's Discuss Cloud Mining

    Pictures dont mean anything. You have NO idea much or how little hashing power is being shown, what pool they are mining ect. GAW looks like it has gone full ponzi, CEX is too big for its britches.Genesis Mining´s owner seems like a genuine nice guy, still doesnt prove much.

    PB= No pictures, No workers , just payouts - no big suprise yes they also had cloud mining, if a company is giving away 20$ to everyone at a conference, then you might want to think about why that is. All others= PONZI UNTILL PROVEN OTHERWISE

    At inside bitcoins paris I asked the mining panel consiting of Genesis Mining and Bitmain "how can we audit cloud mining companies" Bitmain said that there is no real way to do it, they do not disclose informaiton about orders unless the client wants them too. Bitmain rep Yoshi also suggested that companies could point all power to a pool for a few seconds to show power. Genesis understood the reservations people have, invited them to vist any location (of course at your own travel costs). Also pointed out that pointing to a pool as described could be a disatvange since other mining companies would see exactly how much power they have. The total minng power is kept secret for tactical reasons according to Genesis.

    There is no way you can ROI at CEX because of fees, you could trade GH, but that is trading not mining.

    Probaly better off not cloud mining , buying a set up for at home and learning how to use it, if you are able to sell your mining gear for an ok price when you want to stop mining you might break even, this of course depends on how much your power costs per kw/h You could also make a deal with someone you trust if they have cheap power and have miners sent to them. More work, but a lot more learning about mining and crypto.

  • Re: What do you think of HashProfit?

    guys, i would be VERY cautious with ALL "cloud" mining operations.

  • Re: Maidsafe's most recent spike hit nearly 17k satoshis per coin

    I pertty much agree with what you are saying and share a simmilar interest in maidsafe, however I am not convinced this part will be true "Safe coins ultimate value will be based on the usefulness of the applications created within SafeNetwork" All of these ideas about who will be a farmer, user and investior are all up in the air and I see no reason why the current price should be supported, there is zero reason to think so since there is zero data on apps, users, farmers in relation to the ammount of coins (a massive ammount of maidsafe coins huh?) Allthough I dont agree with everything at the nakamotoinsitute I do tend to agree with them in this article that there are some serious issues with "appcoins" but hey time will tell right?

    This is also an interesing comment, allthough not directly about maidsafe: "Bootstrapping the community?

    During the Q&A portion of the panel discussion, Swarm’s Joel Dietz asked Barisser and Maxwell about the idea that alternative token systems could bootstrap a community around specific applications or use cases for digital currency. He noted the enthusiasm around Ethereum, pointing out that he just came back from the Ethereum Dev Summit in Berlin where people flew in from all over the world to be there because they believe in that particular alt-chain and token system.

    “I’m interested in Ethereum, but you’re often selling hope and castles in the sky a little bit. People are free to do what they want, but I think it’s slightly unethical to sell a dream.”"

    Im not offering a clear solution here, but I think there are some problems with the model of appcoins.

    In the comments of the snake oil article there is an interesting discussion and I like what Factom is doing with their "appcoin"

    "The servers have Factom tokens for running their service, but they would rather have Bitcoin. Wonderfully enough, users of Factom have Bitcoin, and they would like to have entries in Factom! So the servers now can act like that centralized party! They can take Bitcoin payments, and convert them to entry rights for the users! When a user gives a server BTC, the server can convert the Factom they are holding into entry rights issued to the user's public key!

    Servers now do not have any sort of special rights, other than their participation in the system allocated them Factom tokens. Anyone with a supply of Factom tokens can provide this service. Even the user. Or the Spammer. But it will cost them something, whatever it takes to get some Factom tokens.

    Certainly Factom will get out into the market, and be traded. And the Factom Token's value will vary, and we will have to have a system to adjust the exchange rate of Factom Tokens to Factom Entries. So it isn't just the easiest thing in the world.

    But the fact remains that to be decentralized, Factom must have a token. And our particular solution seems to work best with separate accounting for entries. But with these two tools, the Factom Application can effectively decentralize payments, and allow EXACTLY what you want (the user's ability to use an App without any special "AppCoin"). This architecture doesn't have to expose the users to the risks of the Factom token."

    I hope maid safe will come to be but I doubt the safe coin can maintain the current prices, but hey I could be wrong.

  • Re: btc arb, profits from btc-e and lakebtc

    Is lakebtc withdrawing in a reasonable time?

  • Re: btc arb, profits from btc-e and lakebtc

    dont forget, mtgox was an arbitrage honeypot

  • Re: What do you think of HashProfit?

    never heard of it, I guess at this point cex and genisis seem the most legit, but nothing will ever beat LAZYHASH!

  • Re: Maidsafe's most recent spike hit nearly 17k satoshis per coin

    The price went up because it was mentioned on RT, except people are doing it wrong, buy on rumors sell on news.

    This is all speculation and we have zero idea how much things will cost to store when the network is live. There will be one group, the investors, that bought coins before the network was live with the hope of the price going up, group two are the users, they want to store data and do not want it to cost a lot -they want a cheap price, and the farmers that offer to store the data they are going to want a good price, it the price is too high nobody will store anything on the network, too low and it wont be worth it for them. I see the either the investors or users getting the short end. I really like the concept behind maidsafe though.

  • Re: rant

    It is worth as much has someone is willing to pay for it, as with all domains and products.

    Yea that is really another example of what is wrong with ICANN. If you use whois protect you have to confirm your email address with the register now, even though they already have it, makes no sense to me.

    There is talk that they will soon totaly do away with whois protection anyway.

  • Re: PUZZLE.XCH - The PUZZLE has started!

    I will try to wake the oracle and ask him

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