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  • Re: Looking forward to The Crypto Show!

    @thinktank Seriously the worst podcast ever- Horrible content choice LETSTALKBITCOIN taken back years in an instant. In their attempt to be edgy and cool tossing around words like anarchy and mocking the establishment actually shine more of a light on the overhyped aspects of cryptocurrency and if btcs future was ever in the hands of these fools it's a sell now. It's one of those things that leaves such a bad taste in listeners months that it will make many vote with their feet and leave the network...

    Too bad it's not about quality and not quantity ... The material has upped in episodes but deminsied in intellectual thought.. And not even worth the LTC coin to spend time listing to these people - it's a say day in the ltb world- and to steal a line from the late robin Williams good morning viet nam .... "There show isn't worth the sweat of a dead mans b@#4

    @thinktank thanks for the glowing review. We don't expect to please everyone. We do like to mix other content in with the show so we can get the average listener of the radio station to tune in and hopefully hear about bitcoin. If the average Joe in his car riding around Austin is able to have a laugh and learn about bitcoin then we've contributed to bitcoin in a big way. We'll try to put a little Grey Poupon on the show to make it more acceptable for you. Surely what you do in bitcoin reaches more new users and helps spread the word about bitcoin. We're always open to suggestions if you have advice. .

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