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    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Ep. 39 Leah Jonas

    November 29th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
      On this week’s #ProofofLove, Stephanie returns to the show with Tatiana and Lauren to discuss dating on the road with our very special guest, Leah Jonas.   As a self-described digital nomad, Leah discusses with the ladies her personal side and how is dating on the road. We tackle some of the tougher questions about life on the road, such as:       How do you strike a balance between your professional and personal life?     ... Read More

    TTS233 Amber Scott

    November 26th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Can Bitcoin self-regulate or does it require government regulation? On this episode of #TheTatianaShow, we explore this question and more with Amber Scott, a friend from the Baltic Honey Badger Conference. Amber is the founder, CEO, and Chief Anti-Money Laundering Ninja for Outlier Solutions. They are a Canadian consulting firm focusing on developing compliance solutions for clients such as banks, dealers in virtual currencies, and credit unions. Their areas of expertise include Canadian a... Read More
    Categories: Proof of Love

    POLC38 Marriage Complications

    November 22nd, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Marriage - not as easy as people make it look. On this episode of Proof of Love, co-hosts Tatiana Moroz and Lauren Kaszovitz talk about the many hardships that tend to come with marriage. Is it necessary to live together before tying the knot? When and how do you make the monumental decision to have a child? Can a couple with differing outlooks and perspectives last a lifetime? We discuss all of this, and more.  Do you have a burning question, or a show idea for us?  Please email us... Read More

    TTS Ep. 232 The BitBrum Sessions

    November 19th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    On a very special episode of The Tatiana Show, Tatiana brings you a 3 part interview series from her recent trip to Birmingham, England for the 2019 BitBrum Conference. Josh returns to the show as he and Tatiana speak with Marcos Rodriguez from Blue Wallet. Blue Wallet is a free and open source project ran and bootstrapped by volunteers and Bitcoin users. Forged from the ashes of the 2017 bull run when wallets were not prepared to handle the high fees, Blue Wallet was created to focus on Bitc... Read More

    POLC37 Edward Vilga

    November 15th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

    On this episode of Proof of Love, Tatiana Moroz and Dr. Stephanie Murphy chat with Edward Vilga. Edward creates breakthrough wellness experiences in books, bodies, and bank accounts. He is the best selling author of seventeen books, DVDs, and online courses.

    His work has been featured in People Magazine and Oprah’s O magazine along with TV shows such as Live with Kelly, CBS’ Early Show, and over 100 other publications. Edward’s DVDs have been downloaded and viewed over 1 million times....

    Read More

    TTS Ep. 231 Rhonda Eldridge

    November 12th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    This episode of The Tatiana Show, Tatiana has a one on one conversation with Rhonda Eldridge, founder of the non-profit Harness All Possibilities. A Native of The Bahamas, Rhonda had over 25 years experience working in financial institutions before the economic crash of 2008. Seeing the disruption the recession had caused in many people’s lives led her to start her non-profit, Harness All Possibilities. HAP’s mission has been to educate and assist professionals in adapting to busi... Read More
    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Cast Ep. 36 Julie Borowski

    November 8th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Had a great time talking on Proof of Love with my old friend, Youtuber, and children’s author Julie Borowski. On this special episode, we talk libertarianism, parenting, and talk about her Youtube success and new children’s book, “Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza”. Check out her book @ https://www.amazon.com/Nobody-Knows-How-Make-Pizza-ebook/dp/B07WCQWGWF/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Nobody+Knows+How+to+Make+a+Pizza&qid=1572958260&sr=8-1 Thank you to our wonderful POLC sponsors https://Vau... Read More

    TTS230 Matthew Mezinskis of Crypto Voices

    November 5th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    “Bitcoin is primed to be the new base money in this digital age.” -Matthew Menziskis Cryptocurrency enthusiast Matthew Menziskis joins Tatiana on this episode of The Tatiana Show. He is a co-host of the Crypto Voices podcast which discusses the economy and monetary policy, banking and finance, and Bitcoin. He is an American of Latvian descent who has resided in Eastern Europe since 2006. Matthew consults investors across many different fields from real estate to food and beverage to ... Read More
    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Episode 35 Audience Questions

    November 1st, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    This week on Proof of Love, we are answering audience questions! You can never get too much relationship advice, so co-host Dr. Stephanie Murphy and I fill you in with our opinions.  Can all of your needs be met by only one person? Can certain partner values make up for shortcomings? Is it worth it to lower your standards and go outside of your comfort zone? Tune in, dear listeners, for all of those answers and more...   Do you have a burning question, or a show idea for us... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 229 Mati Greenspan

    October 30th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Mati Greenspan stops by this episode of The Tatiana Show. Mati is a Senior Market Analyst for our newest sponsor eToro. Having over a decade’s experience working in financial advice, he manages portfolios for the company’s VIP clients and handles eToro’s Premium Club Network.   Tatiana and Mati dive into his background where he began paper trading at the age of 13 and began working in financial markets in 2008. A chance email blast in 2013 led to his discovery of Bit... Read More
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