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    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Ep. 8 Non Violent Communication with Pamela Morgan

    March 27th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Non Violent Communication is a loaded term, and evokes strong feelings sometimes.  This week’s show with Tatiana and Stephanie features special guest Pamela Morgan. She is a leading attorney in the space, and has been a beloved member of the community since 2014.  On a more personal level, she has been a wonderful friend to Tatiana and has been kind enough to offer guidance on how to grow emotional intelligence.  At first the ladies review a bit about attachment theory, b... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 184 Gene Epstein

    March 25th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Josh and I had an interesting conversation with Gene Epstein who hosts The Soho Forum, a monthly debate series held in Manhattan.  It features topics of special interest to libertarians, and aims to enhance social and professional ties within the NYC political community.     Some of the topics we discuss include artificial intelligence and its effects on the service industry, autonomous vehicles and the need for truck and taxi drivers, and testing crypto theories.   ... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 183 Jordan Page

    March 22nd, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Schaeffer Cox is a political prisoner, held in an illegal US prison called a CMU in Indiana.  In 2011, he was convicted and sent to one of the world’s most inhumane prisons. Although one of the main charges was dropped in August of 2017, he still remains in prison.  My guest Jordan Page, a singer-songwriter and musician, co-wrote “The Persecution of Schaeffer Cox” to bring awareness to this injustice and raise funds for his defense. Jordan shares the song with us at t... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 182 Maria Tokareva

    March 21st, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    A quick show about a new and unique artist I met with when down in Miami.  She sells some of her work in crypto, but is also immersing herself in other ways.  Take 5 minutes to brush up on your crypto artist culture and meet this beautiful and talented Latina painter on this episode of the Tatiana Show!   About the Guests: Maria Tokareva is pure Magic, she paints her feelings on canvas, walls, floors and clothes. She also is a creative director for her fashion urban art w... Read More
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    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Ep. 7 Tantric Sex with Ben Tantra Punk

    March 20th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    What can one say about a crypto tantric episode other than wow.  This is our spiciest Proof of Love yet! Ben Tantra Punk joined Stephanie and I to discuss this ancient practice.  In between a few laughs and blushes, we get a great overview of tantric lovemaking, how it’s different from regular lovemaking, the history of why there is tantric sex in the first place, and the joys of the female orgasm.  We went a bit over on time, but I don’t think you will mind with this ... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 181 Ryan and Scott of Music for Liberty

    March 19th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Scott and Ryan have been composing music together in the spirit of liberty since 2015.  I was lucky enough to meet them along the way in my journey, and have a great respect for artists that realize the need for a touch of freedom in the message.  It can be so powerful, as evidenced by Scott and Ryan’s work. We get into their journey, some of the challenges along the way for their political views, and some stories of success.  There have been a few notable releases we recomm... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 180 Kirk Phillips, The Bitcoin CPA

    March 18th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    I am excited to have Kirk Phillips on this episode, he has been a long time supporter of The Tatiana Show and has helped me personally with my taxes. On this episode he joins us to speak about what you can do when you are getting SIM card attacked! He has been a victim himself and will tell us his experience and advise us on how to increase our security and how to  step up our digital identity game.   Here are some ways to protect yourself:   The 7 Secret Weapons from... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 179 Matthew Zarracina of True-Tickets

    March 15th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    I met Matt Zarracina in Cleveland, for the Blockland conference a few months back. He has a really neat startup that helps transform the world of ticketing using blockchain. This isn’t an easy problem to solve, as we learn, but after over a year and half, there’s a lot of headway being made. Find out more about the secondary markets for tickets and how we can empower the fans and artists to have the best access to these experiences.   A special thank you to our sponsor, fello... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 178 Caleb Slade of Salt

    March 14th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Caleb and Tatiana have hung out at several conferences before, and she’s been a big supporter of the SALT team early on.  However, at the Miami conference, they were able to get a bit further into exactly what SALT lending has to offer. It appears to be a pretty cool way to leverage your holdings, and it is a US based company, so the stricter laws may be helpful.  Who knows? Do your own research, but get a taste of what they have to say on this short but sweet Tatiana Show. &... Read More
    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Ep. 6 Meditation & Astrology with Fred Steinmann

    March 13th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz
    Fred Steinmann is an early supporter of the Proof of Love show and was eager to come on.  We were intrigued by his mastery of astrology, as well as the random information he possesses in the world of “woo”.  We talk a bit about meditation, synchronicity, and how he fell in love and knew it on the spot- this was the woman he was meant to be with!  Very romantic, and apropos for the show! Quite a mix of topics, but if you want something different from your afternoon podc... Read More
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