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    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Ep. 47 Being a Good Ex: Dr. Stephanie Murphy & Lauren Kaszovitz

    February 21st, 2020 by TatianaMoroz
    How do you talk about an ex gracefully? What do you do when a friend begins dating an old flame and asks your advice? How can you come off not looking like the crazy ex who still has feelings?   On this episode of Proof of Love, co-hosts Dr. Stephanie Murphy and Lauren Kaszovitz have a Q&A session on how to handle discussing ex’s and what or what not to say to friends who are dating former partners. The ladies share some real life examples from their past when they&rsq... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 245 Dr. Victoria Jones - Satoshi's Page

    February 18th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz
    With the 2020 elections looming, a major debate topic between the candidates will for certain be healthcare. Several of the nominees have proposed government run health systems similar to the National Health Service in Great Britain. On this episode of #TheTatianaShow, Tatiana and Josh go behind the lines with Dr. Victoria Jones to discuss the realities of a government run system.   We explore the history of the NHS in the U.K., how it has affected the dentistry and medical profession... Read More
    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Ep. 46 Ghosting, Couples Therapy & Self-Care

    February 14th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz
    On this Valentine’s Day and one-year anniversary episode of Proof of Love, Tatiana Moroz and co-hosts Lauren Kazovitz and Dr. Stephanie Murphy discuss several daunting parts of dating and relationships, including “ghosting” and how to deal with it, the benefits of couples therapy and the difficulty in getting everyone on board with the idea, and the all important ritual of self-care.   Do you have a burning question, or a show idea for us?  Please email us at tat... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 244 Jeff Deist - Mises Institute

    February 12th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz
    On this episode of The Tatiana Show, we welcome fellow promoter and defender of liberty, Jeff Deist. Jeff is the president of the Mises Institute, an organization created to educate in the Austrian school of economics, individual freedom, honest history, and international peace.  Jeff tells his story of his brother influencing him to the ideas of liberty, meeting Ron Paul in 1988, and eventually working for Dr. Paul on his congressional and presidential campaigns after a tenure as a priv... Read More
    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Ep. 45 Arry & Dae Yu

    February 7th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz
    If you ever wanted to see real proof of love, you want to listen to this episode!   Arry and Dae Yu join Tatiana, Lauren, and Stephanie to share their journey from dating to marrying to being parents to running a business and podcast together. Theirs is a real, funny, and touching story that reminded us why we started this show in the first place. Celebrate Arry and Dae’s inspiring “have it all” story with us!    About the Guests: Arry is a 20-y... Read More
    Categories: The Tatiana Show

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 243 Grace Torrellas & Gabriel Kurman – Blockchain for Humanity and RSK Labs

    February 5th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz
    This special episode of the Tatiana Show introduces the talented and passionate Grace Torrellas of Blockchain for Humanity which serves the lofty goal of using blockchain solutions to change the lives of billions of people in the world.  Later in the show, Tatiana and Sasha Hodder chat with returning guest, Gabriel Kurman live from the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami about RSK Labs, LaBitConf, and his involvement with blockchain for Humanity.  This episode will also ... Read More
    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Ep. 43 BDSM

    January 31st, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

    Have you ever wondered about BDSM and what it could add to your sex life and relationship?

    On this very kinky episode of Proof of Love, the ladies provide some background and personal experiences into this often misunderstood form of sexuality and role play. They tackle some of the most common questions such as:

    What does BDSM stand for and is there a difference between kink and BDSM? What is a Domme and what is a submissive? Why are people turned on by BDSM and is it common to have thes...

    Read More

    The Tatiana Show Ep. 242 Luke Mulks, Bobby Lee, & Sasha Hodler

    January 28th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz
    Luke Mulks is the Business Development Director at Brave, an internet browser that promises privacy and security for their users. Anything that may try to track you on other browsers and collect your data without your awareness is blocked by default. Along with this, third-party ad blocking and tracking protection are integrated into the browser as well. Brave has created a new way to monetize the internet, and has implemented use of their BAT token for software users. Tatiana and Sasha Hodde... Read More
    Categories: Proof of Love

    Proof of Love Ep. 44 Surrogacy with Alice Hlidkova

    January 24th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz
    On this episode of #ProofofLove, we invited Alice Hlidkova on to discuss the topics of surrogacy and freezing your eggs for future pregnancies. Freezing eggs is a rising trend and Alice who recently went through the procedure gives us some answers to our questions: What does it mean to freeze your eggs and what is the process? What is the average age for a woman to freeze her eggs and at what age do the chances of becoming pregnant go down? Do your genetics affect the likelihood of ... Read More

    TTS Ep. 241 Brian Zisk & Mike Salvi

    January 21st, 2020 by TatianaMoroz
    On a special episode of The Tatiana Show, Tatiana brings you two interviews from the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida. She sits down with Brian Zisk, a serial entrepreneur in the crypto space whose multiple projects include Chia Network, an eco-friendly cryptocurrency, producer of the Future of Money and Technology Summit, co-founder of the SF Music Tech Fund, and several others.  Brian reveals his involvement in the 6X7 Networks, the world’s only encrypted telec... Read More
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