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    We're the most revolutionary and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange. The fastest matching engine. Leverage, short sales and encrypted multi-sig wallets.

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    SpaceBTC, trade bitcoin like a star.

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  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    Dear Users!

    All CCRB and EDR deposits were returned to your balance and CCRB and EDR pairs are available for trade again. Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    Dear users,

    We are excited to announce that SpaceBTC overhaul that we have been working on for several months has finally come to life. As planned we have completely moved away from fiat currencies to trading cryptocurrencies only. All current altcoins are active, as well as bitcoin pairs - ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, CCRB/BTC, EDR/BTC (E-Dinar will be available again soon). All balances for EDR and CCRB will be transferred back. We are also happy to notify our users that Emercoin (EMC) and Humaniq (HMQ) tokens were added to the stack. We are planning to support Humaniq team in the way that we can, including raising HMQ liquidity in the HMQ/BTC stack. Our next step will be integration of Waves (WAVES). Please note that the cause of our platform being offline for maintenance works was due to the implementation of the software for SpaceBTC overhaul and not due to adding Humaniq tokens.

  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    Dear Users,

    Our exchange is under Maintenance work, making final preparations for the platform re-launch with crypto-only trading and HMQ pairs. We will get back up shortly. All fiat pairs have been removed. Thank you for your patience.

  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    Ethereum price passes $100 For the First Time in History

    During the Saturday night on 5th of May the price for the second largest capitalization cryptocurrency Ethereum passed $100 and reach a new all-time high. According to Coinmarketcap average market price at 03:39 (Moscow) hit 103.23$. Today, the cryptocurrency has a market cap of $9.4bn, the volume of trade during last 24 hour is $420mln (it’s about 20% of all cryptocurrencies trading volume). During the same period bitcoin has 46% and Litecoin around 11%. Ethereum price grew up 25% over the last 24 hours, which is more than 1,000% on the year. This is really an outstanding achievement, taking into consideration that ether cost was only 8$ in the beginning of the year.

    The impressive growth comes at a time when the ether network is fast gaining traction among open-source innovators, enterprise firms and developers, becoming actually the key platform for launching numerous ICO, and representatives of the corporate world including JP Morgan and Bank of America, using this technology to create their own private versions.

    Coinbase company announced on Aril that Ethereum messanger will be released soon, allowing users to send messages and make cryptocurrency payments.

    Overall, the milestone comes just a day after analysts predicted the ether price would push above the $100-mark amid what they described as a "massive bull run".

  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    Bitcoin Price Has Tripled Since Last Year and reached the highest level observed at any time

    Since April 2016 when the price of bitcoin was around $420 on all major exchanges, over the period of 12 month bitcoin price has tripled and reached its all-time high surging $1,411 on British Virgin Islands-based Bitfinex on 26 of April. Now the price is stably higher than 1300$. Last time the currency showed similar rise was in the beginning of March when it reached $1350 on Bitstamp. However in spite of joy of bitcoin enthusiasts, we should not forget that bitcoin on Bitfinex was trading more than $130 higher than it was on OKCoin, nearly $100 above its price on Kraken and roughly $90 higher than Coinbase's GDAX exchange. Notably, the cryptocurrency's price on Bitfinex was also trading more than $100 above the price of the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), an index from which it was recently suspended.

    On the one hand bitcoin price is railing in spite of the banking challenges and drama going around bitcoin, but such price ramp on Bitfinex brings concerns among the ecosystem. According to the words of BTC VIX – the organizer of bitcoin trading community Whale Club, there are now concerns Bitfinex "may never have access to USD clearing again", and that this was creating a "Bitfinex premium" in the market. He states that the result has been heightened bitcoin buying amid concerns that access to fiat funds at exchanges could decline. Rather, it is likely that the arbitrage in the US market caused by Bitfinex and other exchanges’ inability to process withdrawals and deposits in fiat money is causing Bitcoin price to increase at a rapid rate. There are also several reasons for the rapid growth in bitcoin price. First off on 25 of April a statement was made that The SEC intends to review its decision to reject a bitcoin exchange-traded fund proposed by investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The commission accepted a petition submitted by BATS Global Markets and began a one month process to review the proposal of the COIN ETF once again. So most analysts seem to believe that the recent surge in Bitcoin price was caused by the SEC’s.

    Secondly the probability of hard fork seems distant and unlikely, though it seemed quite probable in recent past and managed to cause the price for bitcoin fall to 900$ If we talk about the constant growth of bitcoin price in future, there are 2 key factors. The first one is India. India is considerd to be one of the most important bitcoin markets because of the country’s poor banking system, declining financial platform and weak infrastructure. Local analyst say that according to their research more than 40% of Indians remain to be unbanked. Recently, the demonetization of 500 and 1,000 bank notes initiated by the Indian government led to a nationwide financial crisis, as banks and ATMs ran out of cash to dispense. Both the banked and unbanked populations of India have been struggling to obtain cash to fund day-to-day operations and basic necessities ever since. By early 2016 Indian exchanges such as Zebpay and Unocoin began to see a spike in their user base and trading volumes. Many predict that bitcoin will be legalized in India by the end of May, following the example of central banks of the Philippines and Japan. If Bitcoin is legalized by Indian authorities if would achieve a mainstream adoption among the locals and millions of new users from India emerge as a result, Bitcoin price will likely surge in the mid-term.

    As for Japan’s legalization of bitcoin, this is considered to be another factor of future growth of bitcoin price. As the Japanese government continues to print large amounts of money, the inflation rate of the Japanese yen will likely increase proportionally and the value of the Japanese yen will likely fall in the mid-term. Analysts expect that such performance of Bitcoin’s largest exchange market could potentially affect the Bitcoin price.

  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    A new record in Ethereum classic price

    During last 24 hours Ethereum classic price has grown over 20% and set a new record to US dollar. Solid growth could be seen from Sunday morning and by Monday the price on Poloniex has grown up to 4.31$.

    The biggest index in ETC/BTC pair reached 0.00322476 BTC, which is comparable to the level of August 2016. ETC market cap is now 364,4 mln dollars and due to this index the cryptocurrency is now on the 6th place of Coinmarketcap digital assets rating. But for traditional market speculations, todays ETC growth can be a result of active development and integration of new functions. For example there is a recent post in Ethereum Classic official blog stating that a new desktop wallet Emerald is being developed. The developers promise it to include several new features and to be more than just another wallet.

    As we know an investment declaration by Barry Silbert Ethereum (ETC) Investment Trust was published in March, though the launch of the fund that was expected in the end of March did not occur. Later an analytics platform TradeBlock announced that ECX Price will form the basis of Ethereum Investment Trust. Index will be based on the price value (USD) of Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency on leading exchanges.

    SpaceBTC team is happy to remind you that ETC pairs will be traded on our exchange after the overhaul of the platform.

  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    OKcoin continues to tighten the screws

    The January audit of Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges made by Peoples Bank of China uncovered some serious problems with Okcoin and reveled that it took part in money laundering schemes. It was also stated that the exchange does not possess proper licenses in place to operate a trading platform. During the Chinese central bank scrutiny of the industry two of China's three largest bitcoin exchanges (Huobi and Okcoin) halted withdrawals of the cryptocurrency from their platforms. Okcoin has implemented many unpleasant innovations in its policy ever since.

    On 21 of March an Insider twitter account cnLedger posted news that now on, Okcoin requires detailed explanations and proof of customers' fund sources and withdraw destinations. All the accounts that do not provide this information would be frozen. The data required from the client includes account information, bank transactions screenshots and all the proofs that can prove the source of user’s funds. It was also stated that all the information provided by the user would be sent to be verified by public authority.

    The next step in tightening the anti-money laundering/know-your-customer requirements made by Okcoin was made on the 10th of April. The exchange announced enhanced verification procedures for customers, if the total sum of deposits of the user has reached 10 000$ he would have to undergo a video verification (!) and present all the documents to acknowledge his identity and documents confirming his residential address.

    Just a few days after an official statement was made on Okcoin website: “Starting from today (April 18, 2017), Okcoin would temporarily suspend USD deposit because of the issues with intermediary banks. Please do not make further deposit [sic] because your wires may be rejected by intermediary banks. We are actively looking for alternatives to resume deposit [sic] as soon as possible. Your current account balance remains unaffected. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.” Thus a Chinese digital currency exchange OKCoin has completely stopped accepting US dollar deposits, claiming it to be caused by problems with banking partners. The same situation can be seen with another large Chinese exchange - Bitfinex being in the midst of a debacle with its Taiwanese banking partners, which caused it to completely suspend incoming transfers effective Tuesday.

    That state of affairs continues, a situation local sources have attributed to ongoing discussions with the People’s Bank of China (China’s central bank) and other regulators in the country. All in all those new demands and restrictions do not add any devoted followers to this platform and combined with recent law suits involving a multi billionaire Roger Ver and accusations in stealing funds from the users, have a serious impact on the exchange reputation and popularity.

  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    Dear customers!

    The work on SpaceBTC exchange overhaul is going in full force and we are glad to announce that this week we start operating under a new model. Last arrangements are made to finish the pivot. As we have announced before we are moving away from fiat currencies to trading cryptocurrencies only. All current altcoins will be kept active as well as bitcoin pairs - ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, EMC/BTC, EDR/BTC. Humaniq (HMQ) and Waves (WAVES) tokens will also become available for trade. We will continue to expand variety of cryptocurrencies traded on our platform depending on customers demand; soon Dash will also be added to the stack.

  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    Dash prices rise and fall – pseudo anonymity and critics of the project. Is it really a bubble?

    Price on Dash rose exponentially, reaching 60$ with a 250% growth of price rate. Users speculate that it happened due to a recent upgrade. Many cryptocurrency infrastructure providers started working with Dash. Trezor and Keepkey hardware wallet developers have added Dash support to their devices. Bitfinex Chief Strategy Officer Phil Potter commented “Dash is currently experiencing its breakout moment right now, and we want to be able to provide our growing customer base with seamless access to one of the rising stars in our space.”

    Some people think that the reason of the leap in price was the result and culmination of years of development and expansion. Although some cryptocurrency specialists state that this price ramp is not more than front-end of pump-and-dump market scheme commonly seen in cryptocurrency markets with lower volumes and that "whales" – traders with large holdings – are effectively in control of the market. The claims are that this currency was a subject of "instamine" scam – which means that on early stages large volumes of coins were generated. Those accusations are of course being denied by Dash team.

    Eventually all magic melt down and after a rapid price explosion, the price went down and Dash lost half of its achievements giving away 3rd place in capitalization to Ripple. Therefore we can now look at the situation with a cool head and answer questions – is Dash future really that optimistic? Would it be able to replace bitcoin as stated by its developers? There are some skeletons hidden in Dash closet, which are not shown to wide audience by Dash team. For example their statistics. Dash daily transactions were not more than 2000 per day before the ramp and their quantity kept going down. Its peak number reached 9000 transaction in April. This number is really shallow in comparison with 250 000 transactions of bitcoin and 40 000 of Ethereum. If you compare those numbers with capitalization it gets even more interesting. Bitcoin capitalization grows proportional with bitcoin price and Dash’s one does not. Dash transactions went down to 3000 per day in the beginning of April and keep falling down. All this numbers speak of lack of real use of Dash and its little practicality for the end user.

    The same tendency is with Dash active addresses - its number before the boom was not more than 10 000 and was going down (compared to constantly growing of bitcoin active addresses). Average transaction volume of Dash wasn’t more than 500$ and grew rapidly after the pump (as well as of Ethereum that was also pumped). Some days it even outweighed bitcoin volume. Such situation is highly unnatural – there was no real source of demand.

    Moreover more than 70% of coins are concentrated in 2% of Dash wallets and other 20% in 1% of wallets. Consequently 3% of users control 90% of Dash coins. Such allocation of assets is unnatural and allows easy ways to manipulate the price.

    Ark Invest Analyst Chris Burniske publicly stated his opinion on the matter “Similarly, the number of Dash transacted/day has also gone nowhere. Again, a flat pattern from launch implies to me this equals masternode/miner activity. The only thing for Dash that has gone up is the trading volume, which jibes with a pumping price. But that only works for so long…” According to all the statements the biggest activity on Dash comes from miners and masternode owners. They are the first party interested in the price raise, but for financial profit, price raise is also a great PR event capable of attracting new users to the coin. All that is necessary for this is to start a big movement. All you need is money, that can be retrieved by turning off some of the masternodes and situation, which is most beneficial now. Bitcoin network had troubles with transactions and commissions raise. Hardfork theme is actual again with Bitcoin Unlimited and new ASIC for it. Bitcoin is vulnerable making all its investors vulnerable too. All you need is to give them another shelter and the best way to attract them is to show them a significant price leap.

    The situation with anonymity is also unsatisfactory. One of Dash corner stones is anonymity of users and transaction privacy, though the probability of transaction being traced increases significantly with the use of masternode. Because of small number of transactions, coins taking part in it and users, problems with coin mixing liquidity occur and that also does not maintain anonymity. Denomination and passive mode of coin mixing are not helping either.

    Overall we can see that all PR goals including price ramp and attraction of new users were successfully accomplished. We can be sure to see more Dash expansion in future. Though current price state shows that the market was disappointed in the pumped up active. Unlike bitcoin Dash doesn’t look so good behind the façade. The main question is if Dash developers are eager to solve those problems or would they continue to pretend that faith in Dash is all that users need.

  • Re: [ANN] - advanced European trading platform - ZERO FEES PROMO

    Announcement to our customers:

    SpaceBTC is shifting its focus away from fiat currencies (US Dollar and EURO) towards cryptocurrencies. In less than a month a massive update that will redesign our exchange and eliminate USD/EUR/BTC division will be released, and from there on, EUR and USD will be phased out.

    We recommend you to cease all fiat trading activities and to withdraw whatever fiat funds you have in your SpaceBTC wallets. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience it might have caused you.

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