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  • Re: payment channels for freelance work?


    That's a great idea, we just an application that can enable it between users.... I wonder if @loon3 could build this into the Companion :)

    @adam so you're saying that this is not too difficult, technically speaking? I thought all of this required a soft fork to even be feasible.

    edit: another idea.. you're working on token-controlled access, which could have a use here. for example, a common way to show a preview video to a client is to upload it (with a watermark) to vimeo and put a password on it. then disable downloading til they pay. maybe tokens could control access to the content, so that I would "lock" the video with a token, then when I recieve the payment, I send that token to the client. tokens could even be used to overlay or remove watermarks, but that adds another layer of complexity.

  • Re: payment channels for freelance work?


    for anyone that wants to fork the LTB Companion and start working on payment channel integration ;)

    maybe a freelance programmer can do that :D

  • payment channels for freelance work?

    I'm thinking of doing some freelance editing, and a thought occured to me- scammers are all over in the freelance world. and a lot of the scams don't even violate the contract. here are some examples:

    Could payment channels be used by freelancers of all types.. for milestone-based payments, or pay-per-revision, or pay-per-hour, or whatever?

    edit: Forgot the shameless plug.. If anyone needs any video editing done I'm available :D My videos are here:

  • Re: I need name! because i want to make a band. can you tell me some ideas?


    exactly positive hardcore music, I am sorry, I dont' have any link to post. I just need name, anything ideas u can suggest to me..


  • Re: Abra: send money without even knowing you're using bitcoin



    This looks interesting, and i think there will be a need for these "invisible" crypto apps. No knowledge or skills needed.

    no company info, no adress, only a bunch of people also without adress

    no info on the website were it is

    thanks for pointing that out, maybe they're not even legit

  • Re: Siacoin: alternatuve to storj

    and they talk about being a platform for future apps:

    The Business Plan

    The long term goal of Sia is to be the backbone storage layer of the Internet. All long term storage will be performed on Sia. All movies and music will be streamed from Sia. All images will be embedded from Sia. All businesses will use Sia as a backend for cloud storage. Sia intends to replace Bittorrent, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft OneDrive, and all backend cloud storage services. We intend to fully disrupt a many billion dollar industry.

    Sia is meant to be a Platform that other applications can build off of. The beta has a first draft API for developers to use, found here.

    Over the next few months, we are focusing on building out the api and creating an example application that replaces Bittorrent. If you have ideas for things that you want to build which will use Sia, please get in touch with us. Sia is completely open source, and you can use the API without getting explicit permission or paying any royalties or licensing fees.

    here's a quote from the people on bitcointalk..

    Quote from: tyz on May 14, 2015, 11:54:12 AM Opening post looks promising. Will it be possible to host website on the blockchain and call them through a Siacoin-like browser? This would be awesome!

    You could! It would end up like Freenet, where all pages were static. More likely though, you'd fetch webpages from a standard server, and then the embedded content (javascript libraries, images, videos, audio, etc.) would be fetched from Sia.

    so there are a few competitors for distributed cloud storage already- these guys, storj, etherium, maidsafe, meganet, etc.. mostly vaporware for now but if one of them can pull it off, they'll be like a massive content backend for a new decentralized, open, p2p internet framework. they could host content for billions of people, all without any datacenters. and the p2p nature of it all might open up some posibilities that nobody's thought of yet. so if anyone gets it up & running, and achieves mass adoption, we all win. fascinating stuff.

  • Re: Siacoin: alternatuve to storj

    i found their thread on bitcointalk, they've been in development for a while and they did a crowdfund. they just didn't hype the shit out of themselves apparently.

    Sia is currently only a testnet. The full network and cryptocurrency will be released on June 7th, 2015. The test network supports file uploads of up to 100mb. Larger uploads may be successful, but are likely to crash the program.

    ...and it looks like they have a parent company which takes 3.9%:

    Sia has a second cryptocurrency, called the Siafund. 3.9% of all successful storage contract payouts go to the holders of the siafunds. There are 10,000 siafunds total, and all 10,000 are completely premined. Sia's parent company, Nebulous Inc., holds approximately 8750 of these siafunds. The remaining siafunds were sold in a crowdfund which helped to finance Sia's early development. The primary goal of siafunding is to provide a way to finance the development of Sia without relying on donations or a premine. More people using Sia means more funding available to hire more developers.

  • Re: Siacoin: alternatuve to storj

    @adam That is an epic file hash lol. Any idea why they'd do that?

    Idk, and i can't even get it to download to my desktop (its just a jpg)

  • Re: Abra: send money without even knowing you're using bitcoin


    My question is whether or not something like Abra will work as a centralized service or if the regulators will freak out about it and block it from any version of success.

    remains to be seen in US. there will always be countries that don't care about bitcoin, so it may take off first there.

  • Re: Abra: send money without even knowing you're using bitcoin

    @goefells Crazy thing is a South African based company has developed this first and for some time already--

    just looked it up, looks good too. competition is good!

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