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  • Re: Magic Words - Where on new website?

    What about the IOS app? I haven't been able to enter the Magic Word there for many weeks now, only on the web site, but by the time I get back to my laptop, the word is long forgotten . . . .

  • CoinFire Canary?

    LTB did a segment on CoinFire a while back, but there has not been a lot of new content there recently. Then I noticed this:

    Lazy/forgetful, or significant?

  • USD Stable Cryptocurrencies?

    I was looking for a show comparing / contrasting some of these new-ish USD stable offerings, e.g. NuBits, BitShares, BitReserve, etc. but wasn't able to find one.

    Is there one out there that I missed?

  • Re: Can't Fine The Founder's Forum!

    Yes - even though it looked like it went from my counterwallet last night, it did not actually show up in the history, so I sent it again and it worked almost instantly, just like it's supposed to! Counterwallet has . . . issues I guess.

    Thanks for the guidance and for the GREAT service you provide to the community with this platform!


  • Re: Can't Fine The Founder's Forum!

    So . . . I sent some BTC to the indicated address from the counterparty address that also holds my Founder token. How long does it typically take to show up as verified?

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