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  • Real Name: Sam J.
  • Location: Middle East
  • Bio:

    Hi, my name is Sam and I work in the media industry. I've been based in the Middle East for most of my life. I am apolitical and believe that the internet and blockchain technology are slowly making the world a better, more accountable place. I love to learn, and enjoy keeping track of current news events.

    I have closely followed the progression of computers and the internet for most of my life and seen firsthand how a city can change from desert to metropolis at a rapid pace and how technology factors into this. I strongly believe in the merits of open source software, transparent crowdfunding/voting systems and individual's right to private communications/data. I believe in improving the lives of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people and fully believe that a key part of that lies in providing unfettered, uncompromising internet access as a basic human right.

    I do not believe age, gender, race, sexual orientation, skin color, intelligence or genetics should have any bearing on an individual's right to access technology. I hope for a world where borders start to mean less and where increased government transparency & communication start to mean more.


    Feel free to contact me via private message.

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    Transparency: A Fresh Look at the Bitcoin Foundation, Part Two

    March 2nd, 2015 by Sam J.
    In my first post in this series I introduced some basic aspects of the foundation and provided a single example of what I call fragmented communication; in part two, I will look at what information is and isn't currently available from the Bitcoin Foundation website. Read More
    Categories: General

    A Fresh Look at the Bitcoin Foundation, Part One

    February 25th, 2015 by Sam J.
    This series of posts will show the perspective of a relative newcomer to Bitcoin, focus on the function of the Bitcoin Foundation, and cover aspects such as such as communication, public perception, efficiency, as well as transparency. I only recently joined the foundation, after looking for a way in which I could provide support towards Bitcoin’s development. The foundation is arguably the "official" organisation behind Bitcoin for many reasons, although it is important to note that the two are independent. One is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency. The other is a nonprofit organization. Read More

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