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  • Real Name: Rob
  • Location: California
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    I'm a graphic artist and small-scale inventor/entrepreneur who started spending a lot of my time exploring Bitcoin in early 2013.

    I've been accepting Bitcoin for design and print work since May 2013 (my first Bitcoin job was business cards for the Let's Talk Bitcoin team to bring to Bitcoin 2013 in San Jose).

    I've been selling Bitcoin Keychains since July 2013.

    I made Litecoin keychains a bit later in 2013, but they haven't been selling that well (anyone want a deal on 1000 Litecoin keychains?).

    I've written bitcoin articles on Let's Talk Bitcoin and

    And in October of 2014 I became an LTB Network podcaster with The Bitcoin Game!

    I'm definitely not a Bitcoin expert, just an enthusiast who enjoys participating as much as I can.

  • Bitcoin Tipping Address (This is not your LTBCOIN address): 1Et1zVdxWFRpA7cEzNj1Tavsq8qPTp45Yb

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