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  • Real Name: Rob
  • Location: California
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    I'm a graphic artist and small-scale inventor/entrepreneur who started spending a lot of my time exploring Bitcoin in early 2013.

    I've been accepting Bitcoin for design and print work since May 2013 (my first Bitcoin job was business cards for the Let's Talk Bitcoin team to bring to Bitcoin 2013 in San Jose).

    I've been selling Bitcoin Keychains since July 2013.

    I made Litecoin keychains a bit later in 2013, but they haven't been selling that well (anyone want a deal on 1000 Litecoin keychains?).

    I've written bitcoin articles on Let's Talk Bitcoin and

    And in October of 2014 I became an LTB Network podcaster with The Bitcoin Game!

    I'm definitely not a Bitcoin expert, just an enthusiast who enjoys participating as much as I can.

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  • Re: Official Bug Report Thread

    @btcdroid Is the Online/Offline status broken? When I posted a comment, my status in the post says "Offline" (with an ominous red dot beside it) even though I am (I think) online.

    Edit: This post also says "Offline" for the status.

    Edit#2: Wait! Now it says "Online". Did editing the post change the status?

    Just to cover on both threads, I think since the system changed, it takes a little time (or activity?) after logging in for the stats etc. to be accurate.

  • Re: LTB Dashboard Graphs

    @btcdroid My graphs seem stuck again.

    I feel like some of the stats take some time to be correct after login (since updating to the new system within Tokenly). If you check again, is it right?

  • Re: Anyone willing to sell me Bitcoins using PayPal

    @goefells Successful deal done with @rob, many thanks dude.

    You're welcome... There's definitely trust involved with this type of exchange, as you could probably still try to reverse the PayPal transaction (not sure the details on how that would work), so perhaps it's best for any thread observers to check back here in a few weeks and make sure I'm not crying about this deal!

  • Re: Magic Words - Where on new website?

    ping @cryptonaut for site issues.

  • Re: How safe is counter wallet


    Hey, I see you're in LA! Have you attended any of the Bitcoin meetups?

    You might enjoy the Tokenly Pockets chrome extension where you can enter your 12 word passphrase but also add a password for another layer of protection.

    I believe that the Tokenly Pockets password is just a way to lock the data on @loon3's extension, and then access it again quickly with a more simple (perhaps memorable) password, rather than having to enter the whole passphrase again. Calling it a second "layer of protection" makes it sound more secure than Counterwallet, but I think you can only say that if you're comparing leaving your Counterwallet active on your browser, vs. using Tokenly Pockets with a password.

    If you want to be super-secure, google ways to use Armory with Counterparty assets. Also, you could transfer valuable assets to a paper wallet (or any Bitcoin-holding instrument), as long as you can import the private keys back to a Counterparty-capable wallet when you want to do something with the tokens.

    For what it's worth, I think at least one security audit has been conducted (by a security expert) on Counterwallet, but I don't think that's the case with Tokenly Pockets. And if you want to get really paranoid, you could definitely worry about all types of things. How many people have reviewed the code for each wallet (perhaps more have reviewed Counterwallet)? Are there any attacks on libraries that either wallet uses that aren't widely known? There are many levels of trust involved when you use any wallet.

    I'm not a "technical person," so perhaps someone can improve (or correct) anything above if it's not completely accurate. I don't know enough to understand the attack surfaces of either wallet.

  • Re: The best btc faucets rotator

    Clicking a link that someone with no reputation offers in a forum is risky.

    Going to a random site that offers something free is risky.

    Going to site with both of the above, plus with URLs that are obfuscated is really risky.

  • Re: Using Counterwallet for Proof Of Existence?

    @mdw I like the idea of publishing a hash to the Bitcoin blockchain, and I don't mind paying a small fee to do so.

    @PaulSnow I get what Factom is doing, I just assumed there wasn't a tool (yet) for non-tech people like myself to utilize Factom for occasional entries. If there is a quick and easy way for me to use Factom in that manner, please let me know. And if there isn't yet, I think that would be a cool tool to get regular people hands on with Factom (not that I expect that regular people are your target market).

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