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  • Re: Lenteracoin Cryptocurrency Project

    @piebeyb I also would think the same as it was like you, but that obviously does not need a lot of talking, do not need to have the complete article, but look at the quality and development, I guess you do not want to hear the promise but the evidence, I understand it and do not force you to follow these , because this information is only to be read instead of a proof of great development or vice versa, I guess when you know bitcoin, would you say bandit or fraud, but when you look at the evidence and the public bitcoin popularity continues to grow, all of it because of the evidence, not of what you read

    You are just reinforcing my point. What you're saying is not to look at the details, but just to blindly trust in promises.

    Here's my logical equivalent to your proposal:

    I have a spaceship that you can ride on if you send me your money. Don't worry about how the spaceship works, just think of all the cool things you can do on the spaceship. If you realize how amazing spaceship technology is, then that is evidence enough that my spaceship is just as amazing as I say it is.

  • Re: Lenteracoin Cryptocurrency Project

    If for a moment we ignore the fact that this is immoral...

    Why would this so called "pump group" no just keep profits for themselves?

    It seems to me like anyone buying into this will find themselves holding the bag eventually with the "pump group" making out like bandits

    Either way it smells like a scam.

  • Re: LTB Podcast/Audience Stats?

    @adam Wow thanks for the response! I'm looking forward to what sounds like a lot of great things to come!

  • LTB Podcast/Audience Stats?

    Just out of curiosity, is the size of the listener base being tracked to get an idea of how many people are being reached? I'd be interested to see how much it has grown in the last year compared to past.

  • Re: is gems legit?

    There's nothing indicating it's not legit so far. The messaging feature definitely works as advertised. I've never seen an ad so far when messaging and never earned any gems so idk how much incentive people will have to actually use it if you only get rewards once in blue moon.

    gems are only worth like 2 or 3 cents apiece according to coinmarketcap so I would expect ads to appear somewhat frequently. I'll continue using it for a little longer, if nothing happens I'll just switch back to my other messenger.

  • Re: Coinbase opens as first U.S. Based Bitcoin Exchange TOMORROW

    I was wondering why the price went up. To the moon!

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