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  • Re: Follow me!

    Unless you are a good recruiter it's now too many people that have already joined. I'm filling my level 5 now and it's not likely that you will earn from joining any longer if you don't recruit yourself. But I do recommend to join Recyclix if you want to invest some money or just play around with the free 20 € that are still given to new members. See below!

  • Re: Follow me!

    Ok, now it is a goooooooo:

  • Re: Follow me!

    It's now 22 hours left before launch! Here is some more information about the site.

    This is THE Program of 2016!

    Low Cost! Starting from ONLY $5 One-Time!

    Scalable! In addition to the $5 Matrix, there are also OPTIONAL $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 and $1000 Matrices!

    Company Forced Structure! Get Paid Even If YOU Cannot Recruit!

    Huge Sponsor Bonuses! Earn up to 40% on EVERY Purchase by Your Referrals!

    Team Bonuses! If members of your team sponsor others, you can be eligible for commissions down 8 levels!

    All In One Advertising Site! From Banner and Text Ad Advertising to Login Ads, Solo Email Ads and a Business Directory!

    Trusted Admin! They pay out over 98% of their purchases back to their members?!?

    So what's good? The 40% sponsor bonus makes people want to sponsor and since it's a company forced matrix it benefits everybody. But the best is that you get to join among the first. I am number 10 to join right under the founder and one of 6 team leaders.

    I'll be back within 22 hours with a link. Stay tuned!

  • Follow me!

    I have been helping out by reviewing a new matrix based website. I don't normally join any matrices since I know it's only the people on the top that makes money. But as a thank you for helping out I was given a top spot. I am number 10 right under the owner. I am not allowed to tell you about the website yet. Launching in 6 days. But I want to give you a heads up that I will post a link here just before I start advertising my referral link. This gives you a chance to get a top spot and then enjoy the massive spillover that will come. I have prepared a big ad pack that I will launch......the owner has prepared a big ad pack ( bigger then mine).

    It's a well known owner and he has several other successful sites .....that's all I can say now.......and I can say that they do pay in BitCoin if you want.

    So stay tuned! I'll be back as soon as I get a go from the owner.

  • Re: We have developed a bitcoin geocaching app called takara

    I like your idea and I am already a geocaching fan.

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