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  • Real Name: Robert Ross
  • Location: Indianapolis
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    From 2007 until present Robert has been building out MDFs and IDFs for multi million dollar companies across the midwest and has managed hundreds of new construction IT build outs for various project sizes from small retail stores to large shipping distribution centers. Also during this time frame Robert has serviced hundreds of general IT service calls dealing with everything from broadband, to network upgrades, and everything in between dealing with copper cabling, security, fiber optics, and any commercial grade IT equipment maintenance. In between this time, Robert also spent 1 year acting as a Northern Michigan Red Cross IT administrator and has dedicated a small amount of time doing Linux server configurations for a small Indianapolis company.

    In 2013 Robert discovered Bitcoin and has spent every free moment dedicating time to advancing his knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. From March 2013 until April 2014 Robert was a Bitcoin and Altcoin miner building up a mining farm consisting of 34 GPUs and 8 CPUs. Since mining on general computer hardware was no longer profitable for cryptocurrency mining, Robert co-founded FoldingCoin Inc in July 2014 with hopes of helping to redirect a large amount of the mining power that goes into altcoins to be better used towards Stanford's Folding@home project.

    Since FoldingCoin was well received in the cryptocurrency community, Robert decided in January of 2015 to go full time in the Counterparty community. Since the beginning of 2015 Robert has taken on the following roles:

    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Host of the LTB podcast: “XCP Weekly Update”
    • Webmaster of
    • Event coordinator to the Indy Bitcoin Meetup
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    • Robert Ross
    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community Director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Skype: foldingcoin
    • Twitter: @pooktwoFLDC
    • FLDC Twitter: @foldingcoin
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    @pooktwo @Braegnok Hello! This is Robert the developer of FLDC. You received the FLDCVOTEI coin because you have FLDC in your wallet. The VOTE coins are going to be distributed monthly from here on out for things that the FLDC community will be voting on for different changes to the coin itself. The link above will not work unless you have a linked CP address to your LTB account that has FLDC in it. If you havent done that yet to receive LTBCOIN please watch this video

    Linking the account will grant you access to the private forums that is only available to FLDC holders (then the link will work if you follow the instructions in the tutorial video).

    You can go to this link now though to read more about what you do with the FLDCVOTEI token

    That would be a nice idea if sending coins inside counterparty wasn't so expensive.

    It is a bit expensive now but that is just because of the fee that Counterwallet has set. It does not have to stay that high. The fear I guess is that if the fee is to low, then the Miners will not accept the transaction. When we distribute the coins, we do it in batches with the help of the LTB system thats distributes LTBcoin. This makes it only cost 0.00006 BTC per each transaction that we do.

    So in time I feel these fees will become lower, but obviously I cant guarantee that as I dont know for sure the plans with counterwallet. I do know though that anyone could create a CP wallet and make the fees lower.


    @braegnok Thanks Guys for the great links and advice,.. I'm having a wonderful time learning about CryptoCoin and everyone on this site is vary kind & helpful.

    I will need to wait awhile till my BTC dust builds up before I can verify wallet address with small donation plus transaction fee,.. and the signing verify process does not work with my counterwallet yet.

    So for now I'll just keep folding and learning,..


    The signing feature is not working right now for any Counterwallet but it is something I would assume they are working on. Thanks for folding and joining the LTB community!

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