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  • Real Name: Robert Ross
  • Location: Indianapolis
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    From 2007 until present Robert has been building out MDFs and IDFs for multi million dollar companies across the midwest and has managed hundreds of new construction IT build outs for various project sizes from small retail stores to large shipping distribution centers. Also during this time frame Robert has serviced hundreds of general IT service calls dealing with everything from broadband, to network upgrades, and everything in between dealing with copper cabling, security, fiber optics, and any commercial grade IT equipment maintenance. In between this time, Robert also spent 1 year acting as a Northern Michigan Red Cross IT administrator and has dedicated a small amount of time doing Linux server configurations for a small Indianapolis company.

    In 2013 Robert discovered Bitcoin and has spent every free moment dedicating time to advancing his knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. From March 2013 until April 2014 Robert was a Bitcoin and Altcoin miner building up a mining farm consisting of 34 GPUs and 8 CPUs. Since mining on general computer hardware was no longer profitable for cryptocurrency mining, Robert co-founded FoldingCoin Inc in July 2014 with hopes of helping to redirect a large amount of the mining power that goes into altcoins to be better used towards Stanford's Folding@home project.

    Since FoldingCoin was well received in the cryptocurrency community, Robert decided in January of 2015 to go full time in the Counterparty community. Since the beginning of 2015 Robert has taken on the following roles:

    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Host of the LTB podcast: “XCP Weekly Update”
    • Webmaster of
    • Event coordinator to the Indy Bitcoin Meetup
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    • Robert Ross
    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community Director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Skype: foldingcoin
    • Twitter: @pooktwoFLDC
    • FLDC Twitter: @foldingcoin
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  • Re: I'm decentralized! GET ME OUT OF HERE?

    @faceface Crappy Bash / Perl programmer / DBA with some knowledge of software engineering, experience with Apache, Drupal, MediaWiki, Solr, etc. I see myself as an ideas person, which is frustrating because I'm so lazy ;-)

    I actually just left my job of almost 10 years to go full time in this space running FoldingCoin. I was waiting almost 2 years to get involved in a crypto related project, but I waited until i had the following covered:

    • Enough money saved up to live on a year
    • A project that was worth while putting time and energy into
    • A solid partner or dev team who is as interested in your project as you

    FoldingCoin has 4 maybe 5 devs and we are always interested in talking to new people about potential coming on board if you would wanna talk sometime. My email is

    BUT KEEP IN MIND I currently do not have an income now. My other devs still have their day jobs and work with me at night. I also dont have a wife, kids , or even a pet so I am able to do this. It is a risk to start something in this space just like in the early internet days.

    Maybe you just put an hour or 2 a day in a crypto project you like for now and take it from there. Baby steps :)

  • Re: What music are you listening to?

    I listen to various genres of music, things from Bright eyes and the Beatles, all the way to Tech N9ne and Lil Wayne :D

    Currently Death Cab for Cutie

  • Re: Windows or MacOS X or Linux?

    It depends on the use of the machine. I run versions of both windows and Linux for various purposes:


    • Great for business applications such as office
    • All pc games are normally compatible with windows automatically with a .exe extension so for a gamer this is ideal
    • For mining and Folding purposes, Windows tends to be extremely compatible with these programs as Linux requires more configuration


    • Great for security. Linux allows you to encrypt your entire hard drive. This is what i use on my laptop for security
    • Linux is faster, for stable, and less prone to viruses and hacks then Windows is
    • Linux offers tons of free open source programs comparable to windows paid programs. For example: instead of buying office for $400 dollars, open office is virtually the same thing and its free

    So in summary, I would use windows if you need to install programs provided by your work, or commercial companies such as video games. Linux is best for sensitive data and computer performance

  • Re: yes

    @wijasen2261 I need ltbcoin

    You could also write a blog for the front page, that pays a ton of LTBcoin, just think of a good topic to right about and submit it. You can also buy LTBcoin from for a fairly good price

  • Re: FLDC on Poloniex



    @francescu Cool!

    I think that I have some on my Counterwallet :P We'll take a look!

    It has been floating around 215 satoshis here recently


    Anyway I think that I'm going to hold some, hehe :)

    I think you should to, we have some great features coming out that should really increase the value and demand for FLDC

  • Re: FLDC on Poloniex

    @francescu Cool!

    I think that I have some on my Counterwallet :P We'll take a look!

    It has been floating around 215 satoshis here recently

  • Re: New sponsorship system released!

    This is exciting, FoldingCoin will be using this service for sure

  • FLDC on Poloniex

    FoldingCoin is now on Poloniex and across all exchanges did almost 16 BTC yesterday and is about 11 today :) Get over there and start trading

  • Re: FoldingCoin forum faucet

    @lcnto1 You are very nice.thank you

    Make sure you leave your address here to receive the bounty :)

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