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  • Real Name: Robert Ross
  • Location: Indianapolis
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    From 2007 until present Robert has been building out MDFs and IDFs for multi million dollar companies across the midwest and has managed hundreds of new construction IT build outs for various project sizes from small retail stores to large shipping distribution centers. Also during this time frame Robert has serviced hundreds of general IT service calls dealing with everything from broadband, to network upgrades, and everything in between dealing with copper cabling, security, fiber optics, and any commercial grade IT equipment maintenance. In between this time, Robert also spent 1 year acting as a Northern Michigan Red Cross IT administrator and has dedicated a small amount of time doing Linux server configurations for a small Indianapolis company.

    In 2013 Robert discovered Bitcoin and has spent every free moment dedicating time to advancing his knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. From March 2013 until April 2014 Robert was a Bitcoin and Altcoin miner building up a mining farm consisting of 34 GPUs and 8 CPUs. Since mining on general computer hardware was no longer profitable for cryptocurrency mining, Robert co-founded FoldingCoin Inc in July 2014 with hopes of helping to redirect a large amount of the mining power that goes into altcoins to be better used towards Stanford's Folding@home project.

    Since FoldingCoin was well received in the cryptocurrency community, Robert decided in January of 2015 to go full time in the Counterparty community. Since the beginning of 2015 Robert has taken on the following roles:

    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Host of the LTB podcast: “XCP Weekly Update”
    • Webmaster of
    • Event coordinator to the Indy Bitcoin Meetup
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    • Robert Ross
    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community Director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Skype: foldingcoin
    • Twitter: @pooktwoFLDC
    • FLDC Twitter: @foldingcoin
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  • Re: Please vote on best design

    @torstenendofmoney To all the Kids on the Block, all the Heroes of the Hash and all Lovers of Liberty: please help us find the best poster design for our Bitcoin documentary! Only takes 30sec tops. Thanks.

    Just voted :)

    • General
    • Community

    Thanks :)

  • Re: I think you need more Mods here


    @pooktwo I would love to be a mod @adam @cryptonaut as I am a frequent flyer here between 12am - 6am EST. I can take the night shift :D Though i see both of you on here very late as well lol

    Consider yourself hired! You should now see the "Bury Thread/Post" options on each post in the forums

    So I am about to finish my first night as a mod and to my disappointment there is no spam :( I was so excited to bury something lol

    So that must mean your doing something good about spam :D Keep up the good work

  • Re: Just a quick question on crypto


    @pooktwo Yeah that second to last point really got me thinking. Really interesting ideas you've got there.

    Thank you :D I think its a good idea and completely removes centralization, though to bad I do not have the skills to invent it.... But the idea is free so you invent it please :D

  • Re: LTB Network Tutorials! Here's What We're Doing, What Are We Missing?


    @pooktwo I got the distributor on Youtube and I will work on the TCA explanation next.

    I will also be linking your videos on our playlist for our Folding members who are not apart of the ltb community so they can start becoming more involved in this great community :)

    Just so you know, the distributor is still not a publicly available tool so anyone who wants to use it will have to turn it on by contacting us manually.

    We still haven't gotten around to adding any sort of fee or revenue generation to it so right now its just a free service and we can't really offer that to every single person yet.

    Yeah, i had someone ask me already on youtube and i explained that to them. I was adding it so people/folders could see how it works. Would you like me to remove it?

  • Re: I think you need more Mods here


    @pooktwo I would love to be a mod @adam @cryptonaut as I am a frequent flyer here between 12am - 6am EST. I can take the night shift :D Though i see both of you on here very late as well lol

    Consider yourself hired! You should now see the "Bury Thread/Post" options on each post in the forums

    Yeah! Thank you :) I will stay on top of this during the wee hours of the morning.

  • Re: Just a quick question on crypto

    @bdialon4 But I feel like once it becomes widely adopted, for one reason or another, it will no longer be as much of an asset of trade to hold, such as it is now... Considering that so far the only reason to hold on to it right now is to sell it off later. I think it will kill off the whole gambling element of the thing and just turn it all into another currency.

    The other thing that I was wondering was whether the drop in mining, that will eventually come once the network has reached the max number of coins could lead to a possible 51% attack - considering the number of cloud mining groups that have fallen apart from not paying their power bills.

    Lets just say everybody has started to switch to btc which leads to a huge increase in the number of mining pools working to keep up with the demand. But eventually the profit will start to lower though as the mining reward drops, then btc reaches its max number of coins and the miners which usually used to earn a lot more suddenly have to only earn a few btc per transaction - at which point btc worth either spikes and continues to be driven up and miners stay or the miners drop their btc leading to a massive sale of btc and now defunct mining asics.

    If only 1 or 2 of the last remaining great big mining pools stay intact they would have to hold more than 50 percent of the transactions alone.

    I feel that one day miners will be built into everyday electronics. Two possible examples I see with this theory:

    • 1 - Routers, phones, tablets, tvs, monitors, mobiles, gaming consoles, ext will all have a very energy efficient miner built inside of them. Yes at that point it might only be a 1 Ghash SHA ASIC, but the energy for it to run would not even show up in your electric bill. Kind of like the "star energy" sticker electronics get for going green, a "BTC Miner" sticker could be added to show that this particular electrinc you are buying helps reduce the amount of large mining operation. Then over time with enough devices like this, mining operators will ultimately shut down because they cannot compete with millions of small Ghash miners that require no cooling. So this could all be attached to a decentralized mining pool that operates like Tor or utorrent and distributed the funds evenly to all devices owners wallet of choice.

    • 2 - (this is my favorite) take the exact same scenario as above, but instead of a decentralized mining pool, you have every device act like its the old CGminer solo mining days and none are a part of a pool, but rather independently mine. Then its like a lottery system, one day your phone may be the one that solves the block and earns the 25 (or at that point 12.5) BTC for solving the hash. This would bring it back to the original idea of satoshi 1 CPU equals 1 vote and putting money into a giant operation will no longer be financially beneficial.
  • Re: I think you need more Mods here

    I would love to be a mod @adam @cryptonaut as I am a frequent flyer here between 12am - 6am EST. I can take the night shift :D Though i see both of you on here very late as well lol

  • LTB Ideas

    So I was looking through the forums and haven't found a topic suggesting changes to make LTB a better experience for everyone. I do see individual topics for specific ideas, but not one topic that goes over every single idea in one thread. So I will begin by suggesting a few things I think will make the forums better:

    • Have hotlinks from posts and comments open in a new tab
    • Have the ability to change the various threads to a "list view" so you can see a lot more threads then just about 4 at a time
    • Have the ability to order threads in descending order per last comment, most views, most replies

    Sometimes I fear that I am double posting a thread, but it is hard to look through them all to try and find the correct one to post in. This can create split posts with questions being answered long ago, but then a new thread starts about the same topic that might have already been answered.

    Thats all I got for now. And obviously its easier for us the users to suggest things than for them to be created, and LTB does a fantastic job of releasing features and updates constantly.

  • Re: Maybe bitcoin's not so bad after all

    @markxmayer $1 billion lost in global bank hack

    I saw this article on the Amagi Metal's site and found it interesting enough to share.

    Follow-up from mainstream media...

    I just tweeted this out, very scary stuff

  • Re: Windows or MacOS X or Linux?

    @framelalife For everyday use I'm partial to mac OSX. I don't think I'll ever switch back to Windows. I still use Windows at work and when I was mining, Win 7 was def my go to. I have tried Linux multiple times. It's a great platform but just not for me. I hate doing so many things through command line.

    Hey frame! Glad to see you make it over here. This is a great community, and when you get a chance (not on this thread as it doesnt apply) I would like to talk to you about private Octo forums you can have for only OCTOPARTY holders :)

    Command line can be intimidating. It gives you more control over everything (since you are forced to really use it a lot) but at the same time prevents you from really screwing things up if you dont ever use it.

    Though I do not like Mac, its like a linux machine that you cant do anything but apple software on. Even with folding it gets really screwy. One day companies will build easy to install packages on Linux. The Ubuntu software center is great for the non linux user, but i do admit, it has a long way to go.