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  • Real Name: Robert Ross
  • Location: Indianapolis
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    From 2007 until present Robert has been building out MDFs and IDFs for multi million dollar companies across the midwest and has managed hundreds of new construction IT build outs for various project sizes from small retail stores to large shipping distribution centers. Also during this time frame Robert has serviced hundreds of general IT service calls dealing with everything from broadband, to network upgrades, and everything in between dealing with copper cabling, security, fiber optics, and any commercial grade IT equipment maintenance. In between this time, Robert also spent 1 year acting as a Northern Michigan Red Cross IT administrator and has dedicated a small amount of time doing Linux server configurations for a small Indianapolis company.

    In 2013 Robert discovered Bitcoin and has spent every free moment dedicating time to advancing his knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. From March 2013 until April 2014 Robert was a Bitcoin and Altcoin miner building up a mining farm consisting of 34 GPUs and 8 CPUs. Since mining on general computer hardware was no longer profitable for cryptocurrency mining, Robert co-founded FoldingCoin Inc in July 2014 with hopes of helping to redirect a large amount of the mining power that goes into altcoins to be better used towards Stanford's Folding@home project.

    Since FoldingCoin was well received in the cryptocurrency community, Robert decided in January of 2015 to go full time in the Counterparty community. Since the beginning of 2015 Robert has taken on the following roles:

    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Host of the LTB podcast: “XCP Weekly Update”
    • Webmaster of
    • Event coordinator to the Indy Bitcoin Meetup
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    • Robert Ross
    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community Director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Skype: foldingcoin
    • Twitter: @pooktwoFLDC
    • FLDC Twitter: @foldingcoin
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  • Re: Reddit having more problems

    @cryptonaut Yup, we are witnessing the natural cycle of the internet :) Social media site / community gets super big, reigns supreme for a period of time until it begins losing the values that made it popular to begin with and starts to destroy itself from the inside, until a valid competitor emerges to take over. We saw it with the transition from Myspace to Facebook, and we saw it with the exodus from Digg over to Reddit like 5 or 6 years ago, probably some others which I'm not thinking of right now as well. Seems like it is already starting to happen to Reddit, but I guess the big question now is who will end up taking its place? A lot of people have been suggesting that site (basically same ideas as reddit), but their servers have been totally crushed for weeks now, I still haven't been able to get on there once.

    Its also really interesting that as soon as a reddit competitor came out that people started to flock to (Voat), pretty quickly paypal and friends shut down their donations and are trying to cut them off completely. Now they accept bitcoin only. I think we are going to see more things like that, any website with user generated content that is not already heavily established and doesn't hardcore censor anything related to Operation Choke Point is going to be forced in to using Bitcoin in order to stay in business.

    Oh wow! So paypal shut down services to voat? Am i to assume that is because of Reddit, or is it because of voats content?

  • Reddit having more problems

    So I am not a big Reddit user, i think the notifications are terrible as i never know when someone responds, i think the site is unattractive and outdated, and i think in general its just not that well organized. But there are things about Reddit that I do love: everyone uses it, great information once you find it, and open discussions (with a mixture of trolls which are sometimes fun to read).

    However things are beginning to look bad over at reddit. For those who have not been following, here are some big things that have been going on:

    • Early June - Reddits Interim CEO Ellen Pao in early June began shutting down subreeddits she believed to be offensive. This was a move to create a more friendly non hostle environment for reddit users, but has the negative backlash of infringing on the free speech and open discussions reddit was been known for

    • July 1st - A Jesse Jackson AMA went terribly south recently. After this happened, the main organizer for AMAs Victoria Taylor has been released without public notice and know one seems to know why or if its related to the Jesse Jackson AMA. (the AMA subreddit is currently down so no link available)

    *July 3rd - Many in the Reddit community loved Victoria as she was the key person in organizing and setting up AMAs. The subreddit communities often do not know how to get in touch with higher profile figures in their respective communities. Starting friday, many subreddit moderators have begun to turn the subreddits into private mod so no one can view them in protest of the recent business moves from Reddit.

    • Today - folks are beginning to look at Reddit alternatives such as and a petition has began online to have Ellen Pao removed from her position as CEO of reddit. Since Voat has had a spike in traffic, the site can be working a little slow right now, but there isnt currently any form of censorship. When first going to Voat it says:

    "Hi, it looks like you're new. Welcome to Voat!

    Voat is a censorship-free community platform based in Switzerland where content is submitted, organized, moderated and voted on (ranked) by the users.

    Users can earn a percentage of our ad-revenue share for the content they submit."

    Is anyone else turned off by Reddit right now and will we look for a new front page of the internet? Just google search reddit and you will find tons of information about this subject.

  • Re: DMD Diamond coin - 50% annual interest

    @maestro Yes, that is true, it was DESIGNED to perform wealth preservation function. This was the main focus of the dev team, it was never meant to be used by retailers and there was no attempt to develop the coin in that sense. The main focus was to provide stability, price growth and to eliminate the possibility of pumps and dumps which have been the main threat for alt coins. I will not go into details how this was accomplished, it s partially related to inflation control but this is something the dev team s not willing to reveal.

    I really have no reason to spread lies here, all I ve stated about my experience with this coin s true, whether you believe me or not, that s your problem. What can I really accomplish from telling lies here, there s no referral link here, no way for me to profit from you obtaining or not obtaining this coin. In other words, I don't care.

    How can I backup it ll stay this way???? Well, I have been in crypto for a long, long time and have tried everything, from CPU mining, GPU mining, staking, trading, cloud, investing into crypto startups etc. However, even after all this experience, I cannot claim it ll stay this way. If I could, I would be selling my house ATM and buying DMD instead of posting here. :)) However, what I can say is that this coins has never disappointed me so far. People do not sell it, the community s nice, volumes are slowly going up, coin rollout guarantees even more scarcity in the future, the dev team s the most honest group of people I know, there are a few more interesting traits you need to learn by yourself and I ll do my best to get as many DMDs as possible.

    This is my opinion, you still need to your own due diligence and again, pls feel free to share anything similar you might ve come across.

    Ok, I would like to see the details on this from the dev team before I would want to invest in this. Transparency is a big key factor in projects for this space, that tends to be a very important component. I will say that if a company is looking to build something and make money, I understand not wanting to open source your platform, as you might not make any money. But the currency itself I feel needs to be 100% transparent.

    Thanks :D

  • Re: DMD Diamond coin - 50% annual interest

    @maestro What do you mean how can I say it? I purchased DMD about a year ago in the amount of about 5 BTC. In the meantime, I ve received about 65% stake interest, cause of compounding and staking, and the price went up 100% in the meantime. How is that not wealth preservation and wealth increase. How is this not sane investment decision?

    Can you list for me lots of other stake coins which have provided similar stability and profitability? I m not trying to compare this coin with the big ones, like Dash or Doge. However, this coins s got one of the best market caps amount smaller stake coins, it s been showing constant and stubborn growth on all fields and I simply like it.

    I only regret not being able to buy more at that time. About your comment of DMD Diamond being backed up with real diamonds, the dev team s been cooking something related to the real diamond market, not exactly backing the coin with diamonds but,,,,,you ll see.

    Again, if you have something else to suggest generating similar results, I am all ears.

    Well im not saying that this hasnt been true thus far. You may not have lost any money and have only gained profits. That could be because its a great coin, or that could be luck. I was simply asking how you can back up this statment you made:

    "DMD Diamond was designed to perform one of the main functions of money, preservation of wealth. Only in this case, it s a gold bar which mints more gold bars, due to its 50% annual PoS function."

    The key word you use here is DESIGNED, this implies that this coin actually has something in the code that makes it to where it preserves your wealth and I am curious how that is accomplished, as the way i see it DMD could still be the victim of market manipulation and highs/lows because crypto is a free market.

    Once again, I am not saying that it hasnt been true so far, but why is it this way and how can you backup that it will stay this way?

  • Re: Happy Birthday LTBCoin!

    @markxmayer Happy Birthday LTBCoin! Congrats to @adam and all who helped make LTB what it is today.


    "On the launch day, June 27th, 2014, 10% of the money supply (51,000,000 LTBcoin) were allocated and distributed in the following manner:"

    My goodness how time flies :) Congrats @adam on a great year, its crazy to think how much LTB has evolved since first listening in april 2013

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