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  • Real Name: Robert Ross
  • Location: Indianapolis
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    From 2007 until present Robert has been building out MDFs and IDFs for multi million dollar companies across the midwest and has managed hundreds of new construction IT build outs for various project sizes from small retail stores to large shipping distribution centers. Also during this time frame Robert has serviced hundreds of general IT service calls dealing with everything from broadband, to network upgrades, and everything in between dealing with copper cabling, security, fiber optics, and any commercial grade IT equipment maintenance. In between this time, Robert also spent 1 year acting as a Northern Michigan Red Cross IT administrator and has dedicated a small amount of time doing Linux server configurations for a small Indianapolis company.

    In 2013 Robert discovered Bitcoin and has spent every free moment dedicating time to advancing his knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. From March 2013 until April 2014 Robert was a Bitcoin and Altcoin miner building up a mining farm consisting of 34 GPUs and 8 CPUs. Since mining on general computer hardware was no longer profitable for cryptocurrency mining, Robert co-founded FoldingCoin Inc in July 2014 with hopes of helping to redirect a large amount of the mining power that goes into altcoins to be better used towards Stanford's Folding@home project.

    Since FoldingCoin was well received in the cryptocurrency community, Robert decided in January of 2015 to go full time in the Counterparty community. Since the beginning of 2015 Robert has taken on the following roles:

    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Host of the LTB podcast: “XCP Weekly Update”
    • Webmaster of
    • Event coordinator to the Indy Bitcoin Meetup
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    • Robert Ross
    • Director of FoldingCoin Inc
    • Community Director for the Counterparty Foundation
    • Skype: foldingcoin
    • Twitter: @pooktwoFLDC
    • FLDC Twitter: @foldingcoin
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  • Bitcoin Tipping Address (This is not your LTBCOIN address): 18Emgn5f5Y6u2DEqWpcRGAxdP6veDvYtjb
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  • Re: 66.25+ Bitcoins Lost, Please Help!

    @pthed pooktwo: I will send you a private message with the public address.

    any luck on this yet?

  • Re: Selling R9 290X's for folding@home or mining Ethereum

    @framelalife Ok, dropping the price to $250. PM me with any offers though.

    hey when you get back on, you can try posting these on the marketplace now, it is ready for items like this. Skype me when you are on :D

  • Re: 66.25+ Bitcoins Lost, Please Help!

    @pthed I could use any help or advice in recovering approximately 66.25 bitcoins from an address that I thought I had control of. I have a 51-character-long private key for the address, but apparently it isn't for the address! The only thing I can think is that I typed the address out instead of copy/paste-ing it and miss-typed a character or two. When I try and import the private key to Bitcoin Core or Electrum I am getting messages to the effect that the key is not a properly formatted bitcoin key.

    I am thinking there may be some hope if I just have one or two characters that are wrong. Maybe there is some way for me to have someone build an automated program that can alter each character in the key (maybe even based on letter key position on the keyboard; although this is made more difficult because I use Dvorak keyboard letter layout) one at a time and try to import the private keys generated that way. And if changing one character at each position doesn't work then move on to two, and then three. I am thinking that even though this is basically brute force testing, because I think I have most of the key it would still be doable, you know, within my lifetime!!

    That is pretty much my only idea, and I don't have any programing ability so I couldn't build the program myself.

    Anyway this is an outcry for help. In point of fact this is very nearly 50% of my net worth; and I earn anywhere from $10,000 to $12;000 a year, gross, so saving up enough to buy that many bitcoins was not easy for me. Very much, I would appreciate any assistance the Let’s Talk Bitcoin community has to offer; very much! I even have 10,000s of thousands of Let's Talk Bitcoin Coins that I would gladly gift anyone that is able to help me recover what is essentially half of my net worth. I suppose I will end this way. Also many thanks to those who read this and would help if they could, but just simply don’t have the right skill set or connections to do so. I know the LTB community is good people and I am grateful for it, independent of my situation.


    P The D

    Wow is that a bummer :( lets start small, can you provide the public key to the address?

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