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  • Real Name: Paul
  • Location: Michigan
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    I've been partly involved in Bitcoin since late 2009 and in 2010 full time with Bitcoin. I've been a very active miner since 2010 and have never stopped. I'm always working on projects that will have a positive impact on the publics life. I am a member a member of the Bitcoin Foundation but not active as I once was. I was a Founding Ambassador Board Member of the Dash/Darkcoin Foundation as well but had to back off from that due to a close family member's health. I love helping people as much as I possibly can, and I work very very hard to help expand our currencies to the general public. Also I am active in developing a plan to stop these scammers that are not smart enough to realize that they are ruining Cryptocurrencies future, sadly it's getting worse in the last 6 months. It was our worse 6 months we've seen unfortunately. It must be stopped. I am currently working on a very large project, or XPLDNBTC, which is directed towards helping Bitcoin and the other True, Honest Crypto's expand to users that are brand new to Crypto and even those that are experienced but want to become more than casual users. When the site goes live anytime now, my elaborate project to eliminate the people whom have hurt Bitcoin's public perception in an unbelievable alarming way. This protective measure has been near and dear to my work for now going on close to 3 years but finally users of Crypto will have a legitimate chance to work as a self sustained currency, or currency platforms, with actual protection from the people that only want to destroy everything we have achieved. I hope everyone comes by the site and keep an eye out for the fabulous Promotion I'm doing for taking an extra couple months to finish.

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    Get involved, Help your community and help Explode Bitcoins into public view @

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    You Know My Name, Not My Story. You've Heard What I've Done, NOT WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH

    Sometimes The Smallest Step In The Right Direction Ends Up Being The Biggest Step Of Your Life....Take That Step To Bitcoin, Let It Change Your Life

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  • Re: Spells of Genesis Partner Account Offer

    I would be more than happy to hear more about this. I did click on your link but it lead to a dead/parked page. send me a pm or message me back here either one. thx. --Paul

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