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  • Re: Interview Request: Rusty of Blockstream - Lightning Protocol

    @ademczuk Nice and with theymos unfortunately banning most other posts we may get to the front page with little effort. So don't forget to claim your karma by posting it to /r/bitcoin when you're done.

    I'm more concerned with adding to the world's knowledge base about Bitcoin, and satisfying my own curiosity.

  • Re: Interview Request: Rusty of Blockstream - Lightning Protocol

    @ademczuk Thanks for the questions. I'll be interviewing Rusty next week and it will not be a shallow discussion. I just read his extended white paper about LN and I'll make sure we get the details on user experience and technical functionality.

    I actually spoke to Thaddeus Dryja at the SF Dev's Bitcoin Meetup and asked him about the problem of full blocks. As in, what if blocks are so full that the in-progress settlement transaction doesn't make it into a block before the nLockTime refund transaction becomes valid? The entire channel would be wasted and the would-be recipient would lose all his money. I wasn't too happy with Thaddeus' response actually. He mentioned a theoretical new block rule where a miner could "flag a block as full" and that block would then NOT COUNT towards the nLockTime, effectively extending the deadline.

  • Re: Have you ever had a Lucid Dream?

    Ha, it's great to see this topic! I love lucid dreams, and even studied the phenomenon a bit in college. There are methods to increase the likelihood of having a lucid dream. It's a skill, and it can be practiced.

    One of my favorite methods is the reality-check. Pretty simple. Every now and then, throughout your waking day, just look around for a second and ask yourself: "Is this real?" Besides being a fairly psychedelic exercise, the idea is that eventually you will actually be dreaming when your reality-check habit kicks in and bam, you aware of your dream.

    I have programmed the stereo in my car to display the message "am i asleep?" every time I start my car.

    There's also an excellent movie called "WAKING LIFE" you should check out which explores lucid dreaming.

  • Re: FLDC??

    @cryptonaut - How does the LTB forum notifier work in regards to "received an asset" messages?

    FLDC (folding coin) is not associated with LTB? SO your notifier monitors all the addresses in the forum profile database? I actually think that is rather cool. Like a counterparty notification service

  • Re: LTBCoin wallet and Counterwallet Question

    @adam @brenner100 Counterwallet actually isn't like in the sense that Counterwallet deosn't even store an encrypted version of your keys. All it stores is "fun stuff" like your website preferences, address labels, etc.

    When you log in to CW with your 12-word phrase, your entire wallet is rebuilt deterministically in your browser, then the browser checks the balances of all your addresses. does the same thing. So no private keys are sent to any server in any form. That means, with some simple tools (like my ) you can rebuild your wallet offline without any server just using your 12-words.

    Your preferences are stored on their server, marked by a hashed identifier generated by your 12-word phrase, but again there is no keys stored.

  • Re: When to buy LTBcoin?

    @crimsonroze What is this "last week for 5 posts bonus" specification?

  • Re: Would You Pay for Early Access? What about all articles-as-audio for commuters?

    My two bits:

    I have a short commute, but I use Siri on my iPhone to listen to long articles while I'm driving. It's an option in system settings you can turn on. Select the text of the article and click "speak." Siri lacks a certain romance with text, but while I'm driving I can still ingest long articles, which has been great. Just saying, there is a free option you would be competing with.

    Second, I pay to subscribe to an economics and markets podcast called Financial Sense news hour with Jim Puplava. I highly recommend it. They do a free two hour show every Saturday, but subscribers have access to daily shows during the week. Exclusive interviews with conclusion commentary from the host. So that's another business model you can consider: premium content.

  • Re: Any other wallet other than the counterparty online one handling assets?

    @tnt3 no it's just a watch-only wallet. You can check balances and generate new addresses, and check your addresses on blockscan. It's designed just to be more convenient than entering a 12-word passphrase every time you want to check out your counter-assets

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