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    As the internet grows there are more writers and businessmen who are offering E books as a way of promoting a product or solving a problem in a unique way that has not been thought of before. Many people ask themselves if E books are worth the money and in today's E commerce market the answer is a resounding yes. With the market being so volatile, finding the correct pricing strategy to market an E book has become of vital importance. Priced too low and there is the risk that people will not consider it worthy of looking at, priced to high and the chances are that customers will look elsewhere for a similar book but cheaper.

    Once an E book is ready to be published, take a little time to work out how it will be marketed, a printed book with paper and a cover is tangible evidence of money that has been spent, an E book however is all electronically produced and basically all that is being paid for is binary code. To sell an E book effectively there has to be a great deal of consideration given to the fact that you are trying to sell an idea or problem solution. The author has to ask themselves if their book is new and original or just a rehash of an already published book. Once this has been determined then pricing strategy and marketing can begin.

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    The E book does have a place in E commerce and with devices like the kindle now able to store huge chunks of data it is possible that sales of E books will start to climb steadily, for those who are writing their first E book it can be a daunting prospect in reaching their intended market, but with proper planning and a sensible pricing strategy it need not lead to heartache.

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