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  • Re: All your graphic design needs

    @crytozio and @birchnels, Sorry I was away. I am willing to do a few jobs for free to build some rep. What types of graphics would you need? Here are a couple fun images to demonstrate what I'm capable of on the fly.

    Crytozio Birchnels

    I will be around the forums often this week.

  • All your graphic design needs

    Need a new graphic for your latest article?

    Or images retouched?

    Banners, logos, you name it.

    Don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • Re: what it LTBcoin?

    @arwani1985 sorry, I do not understand what is LTBcoin, how do I get it? thank's

    The idea behind the LTBcoin is to capture and monetize the value generated in the LTB network. This value includes content generation, viewership, forum participation, etc... Using proof of participation (counting posts, articles, magic words, content) a distribution of new coins happens every week and fills participating member wallets with LTBcoin. The LTB network only accepts LTBcoin as payment for anything thus forcing a value to the coin itself which has been growing steadily as the network builds value through everyone's time and effort. Its really a remarkable thing. Join us!

  • Re: Accepting LTBcoin for Facebook Likes

    @steven can you explain to me the value of the FB likes?

    Network effect for a page or a post... I think its pretty easy to see the benefit of getting many likes.

  • Re: How to keep your CounterWallet Password Safe?

    Creating an encrypted file containing your 12 word seed is a safe way to go about security I believe.

    If you use Ubuntu open terminal and run the following command:

    -vim -x filename.txt

    You might have to install vim if it isn't already done, your terminal should prompt you to do so.

    This command will prompt you for a password which is used both for encryption and decryption.

    Write your 12 words here and then hit SHIFT+Z+Z to save and close. You can reopen your file anytime by typing:

    vim filename.txt

    You will be asked for your password.

  • Re: CounterWallet 2FA

    What I learned: What is commonly known as 2FA is actually a centralized service, and Counterwallet is meant to be decentralized (just like Bitcoin itself).

    Multi-sig is being implemented into Counterwallet in the future. This will act as a decentralized 2FA. You will then be able to set up 2-of-2 addresses to additionally secure your funds.

  • [Offering Editing]

    I have time to spend editing and am willing to work below market value in order to build rep. Being trained in technical writing (engineering), my style is focused on precision and concise conveyance of information. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Also, I hear @rotalumis is looking for editors to tackle workflow? I'd love to contribute my time (trello username: nk1tz).

  • CounterWallet 2FA

    I find it shocking that Counterwallet still does not offer 2FA for login. I'm sure many possessors of LTBc would be happy an additional layer of security to their tokens.

    What is the best way to petition/pressure them into adding this feature? Is there a reason it hasn't been implement yet?

  • Re: Earn LTBC by Publishing Your Writings for LTB! All accounts now may compose and submit articles for the front page - Walkthrough inside!

    @tolikkk I have questions what this FLDC and for what its get, because i have on my wallet some FLDC but for what i don't now. Can I trade this coin if yes - there

    Hi @tolikkk, FLDC stands for FoldingCoin. I looked into today because I, like you, was curious what this coin was doing in my counterwallet. If you go to or google "folding@home" you will be presented with a short video describing the functionality of this coin.

    In short FLDC is a project which seeks to incentivise people to use their CPU and GPU's to help with protein folding research. They have a great setup tutorial and a fabulous GUI. You can earn FLDC by putting your CPUs and/or GPUs to work knowing the effort is going towards curing protein folding related diseases such as Alzheimers or Parkinsons diseases.

  • Re: [SUBMISSIONS EDITORS WANTED][5,000LTBc per column]

    Hi @rotalumis, I have time to contribute to editing and would like a chance to be part of the editing staff. Trello username: nk1tz

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