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  • Re: JAROKNCOIN.XCP - The coin of an author

    Well, it's been a while. Christmas started early for me, I've been busy with school end, community work and other stuff, so I haven't even had much time to check things. I did withdraw some bitcoins to donate to a local charity which I'd been working for so there's that.

    We have a new logo too, which is nice.

  • Re: JAROKNCOIN.XCP - The coin of an author

    I've just swept all my funds to a new wallet, as somehow, 100 addresses suddenly appeared and blocked me from adding new Watch Only ones.

    New address is 1D9FzMszy6MgtyzNtJqPFjHjNZMFrDNUav.

  • Re: JAROKNCOIN.XCP - The coin of an author

    Right, I felt the giveaway was going too slowly, so I'm going to advertise it harder now, and I have also doubled payouts and cut the bottom tier.

    As always, you can find the giveaway here:

  • Re: JAROKNCOIN.XCP - The coin of an author


    I'm looking forward to seeing more writings and other works, keep it up we could have that token society soon. I'm keeping an eye on my LTB token balance past 10K already

    Sweet, if you want them I could send a few thousand over to you, no hassles. PM me when/if you can. :)

  • Re: JAROKNCOIN.XCP - The coin of an author

    @william It's interesting experiencing the learning curve with you. Watching your experiences are how everyone learns how these systems work.

    It's interesting learning how it works myself too. I think this will be an interesting experiment, where I'll learn more about Cryptocurrency, and maybe economics too. :)

  • Re: JAROKNCOIN.XCP - The coin of an author

    I mucked up the dividend, badly. Instead of provisioning for ALL shares, I provisioned for the ones I didn't own. Big mistake.

    I am manually fixing this now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    EDIT: And once again, I made a muckup, giving out twice the amount I meant to in the end. Still, enjoy the free money!

  • Re: JAROKNCOIN.XCP - The coin of an author

    Just a quick update on the status of my writing and the token itself.

    We have gotten onto Bter voting and am awaiting an email from both Poloniex and CoinMarketCap about listing there.

    Me and a few of my friends have also organized the first DEx trade of JaroknCoin, just to set a price, which is the same as on the DeviantART commissions. It hasn't confirmed yet, but it will soon.

    I've been tied up with school as of late, but am intending to do some writing later on, and I'll be taking on commissions now, if any giveaway participants want one.

    I intend to give out the 0.5 XCP gained in the DEx trade as JaroknCoin's first dividend, just to test that system.

    Anyway, that's all I have time to say at the moment, I'm writing this on my school lunch break. I've gotta get back to studying.

    Stay awesome!

  • Re: JAROKNCOIN.XCP - The coin of an author

    Just updated the OP with the new Bitcointalk thread.

  • Re: JAROKNCOIN.XCP - The coin of an author

    Hey all, just thought I'd give a little update on JaroknCoin and the writing and such.

    As you may know, I started an Early Bird Giveaway at not too long ago. We've had three people come in and claim those coins. However, due to a copywriting error, I failed to properly describe how to enter, so I've given the first prize to two separate people due to the confusion this caused. There are still plenty of slots left, so get in now and you;ll get more.

    Also, I have written a short story as well, as an example of my writing. It is at and is about a man in a mid life crisis and his Porsche. I encourage you to read it.

    Also, the sell offers for XCP and LTBc are still on the DEX, and I hope to be able to use the LTBc to start a token society, and I will use the 10 XCP to hold a bounty competition for a JaroknCoin logo, with first place getting 6 XCP and two runners up getting 2 XCP apiece. More details on that at a later date.

    I will keep you updated with stuff as time goes on, in the meantime, feel free to sign up for deviantART and make a request, I'll probably take about two or three on and work on them!

    Stay awesome!


  • Re: Time Zone

    Okay, sweet.

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