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    a Brazilian libertarian sociologist and a hobbyist developer.

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  • Re: LTBC swap to POE is done ?

    I cannot use the "swap ltbc for poet" button. It says the invoice is expired. Am I correct to assume that the LTBC will no longer exist?

  • Re: 92.75% distributed. What's around the corner?

    I see my tokens as some sort of souvenir. Something that show that I was a part of something incredible. Some time from now it will be nice to say I have these tokens from the time Bitcoin was being built and almost no one knew about Counterparty. Lets say they are proof of pioneering.

  • Re: Feature request

    I have a request too: the comment section shouldn't use disqus, but the forum. This way the discussions on the podcasts episodes would be stimulated with the proof of participationf

  • Re: Teaching Bitcoin to Kids

    My brother and me create paper tabletop games. They can be freely downloaded at Perhaps we can help you to create something about bitcoin for children.

  • Re: Teaching Bitcoin to Kids

    My family has developed a little tradition. Each newborn child gets 1 Bitcoin as a welcome gift. My brother will have a daughter next april. He is buying Bitcoin for her and I will also git Bitcoin to her as a gift.

    As you see, there is indeed a need to teach today's children. If you create a website, a game or something like that to introduce Bitcoin to children, I'd be very happy to use it to show to our family's kids.

  • Re: Newbie and frustrated managing my first sweep from a paper receipt!!


    Listen. If you got a paper with a "Private Key" and a "Public Key", than you cannot loose that "Private Key". If you have it, then you have your money.

    Now, when you want to spend it you will need a wallet. If you are new to Bitcoin it would be wise not to use a wallet that asks you to type in the unspent transactions in order to make a transaction.

    I'd suggest you keep that receipt safe for now and try to understand a bit better how a wallet work. Create an account for you on some online wallets (,, and explore them. When you get a little more secure, you will know how to spend the bitcoins in your address.

    If you keep your private key safe, your money is safe. Do not type it or upload it to any site unless you are spending it.

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