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  • Re: Let's Discuss Cloud Mining

    @alchemix This is a long overdue thread topic...but i dont think we will get many opinions from this forum. Personally im invested in 2 different cloud mining companies and im kinda on the fence with results.

    Im actually beginning to lose faith in any form of mining bitcoins. It appears we have passed the point of no return and maybe the only way to acquire bitcoins is to "earn" them with goods or services.

    Multiple cloud mining companies which have turned about to be scams, more looking like they will go that route any day...more companies selling newer and better asics etc etc. It all just seems to end with the customer having less btc than they started with...

    Even Gavin Andresen suspects that most cloud mining companies are ponzi scams at this point.

    The idea that you can purchase a small sliver of an "industrial mine" certainly seems to be a good one initially but it seems we've seen more and more ponzi scams than legitimate operations at this point.

    The extremely large cloud mining operation PB Mining recently closed up shop raising even more questions about the legitimacy of the operation and cloud mining companies overall.

  • Re: Let's Discuss Cloud Mining

    @rafabit4000 Look, most cloud mining needs no equipment, just buy gh / s in its mining contract or even kh / s, depending on the algorithm used to mine. Two good examples of sites that do not require hardware to mine are: and, and the second to make the first deposit, earn 50gh / free.

    Others I could mention is the

    where I am registered and already have almost 4,200 Dogecoins equivalent to € 0.6602, where it is automatically converted to that currency and you get in paypal. I have no graphics card to mine, use only cpu.

    It seems that GAW Miners is now really pushing away from cloud mining and moving to cloud staking. I recently saw that a $50 investment in GAW Miners will now take 1,900+ years to ROI.

    1 Mh/s is yielding about 1 satoshi per day. I'm not sure I would call that profitable personally.

    I haven't seen CloudMinir as of yet but am going to check it out soon.

  • Let's Discuss Cloud Mining

    What are your thoughts regarding cloud mining?

    This is one of those subjects that you see so many people coming out from multiple angles with very strong viewpoints.

    Are cloud mining companies scams? Are they legitimate? Do you require pictures of equipment before investing?

    Let's hear your thoughts.

  • Re: The Bitcoin Group/ Comics Project

    @rockbarcellos So after the positive feedback I got from the illustrations I did for the Chain Wars series ( I feel it's a good time to post this

    I did this for fun, but I also thought of doing a comics project, not necessarily superhero stuff, I have some range of style adaptability, so this art below is not a project's definitive one (check here

    but I need help with the writing and creation, I think the LTB network would definetely benefit from some nice visual content to offer around here like comics,

    I'm open to testing ideas for a story and also other styles, like funny cartoons, for example

    also perhaps setting up a bigger project, like launching a coin and a crowdfund and all of that would be great too, who knows?

    So, any writers, artists, developers out there who'd like to get on board?

    ( hi @mdw XD )

    This is amazing. I am just now seeing this and am super impressed with what I am seeing.

    I will be checking this thread out more and thinking about what I might be able to do to help in the near future!

  • Re: Windows 8 mining app for BTC,LTC & Doge

    A quick scan of the EXE files show several pieces of malware attached.

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