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  • Re: how tough should the magic words be?

    I don't an axe to grind. I just feel that if you give someone something for nothing then that becomes the reward threshold. This is a great participation scheme but I feel that rewarding people just for listening has the effect of instilling a sense of entitlement in an audience that should be moved to act, not rest on it's laurels.

    Via negativa, you know?

  • Re: how tough should the magic words be?

    Super sorry guys. It had been posted to this site as soon as it went to sound cloud but took forever to make it to the front page. I actually caned the last one because of that. Now we all know and I'm super impressed that you got this one. The next will be easier I promise.

  • Re: how tough should the magic words be?


    Your multi tiered Idea is a great one I think. It would also be great to have a pool that is shared between correct answers rather than a single value for each reward.

  • Re: how tough should the magic words be?

    input the two words separately

  • Re: how tough should the magic words be?

    Excuse the difficulty with finding the podcast guys, I had a tough time getting it to publish on LTBN.

    The magic words are a game. It's participatory and purely opt in. My goal is to produce fair, answerable but difficult to google trivia. If you don't want to play that's fine. If you spend half an hour learning about wine that's a great thing even if you don't get a reward for it. Chasing the answers to these should lead you through a maze of random subjects, rarely if ever related to the content.

    Because that's just how I'd like to do it. For no reason but the fun of it. This is not a consensus network :-)

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