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  • Real Name: Arthur S. Falls
  • Location: Wellington, New Zealand
  • Bitcoin Tipping Address (This is not your LTBCOIN address): 1Dy8TtQvc9W7WqdowN4avVtnLDu3VLJch9

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  • Re: Podcast mastering

    @Rob, @rchrd

    Thanks Rob, coming from you that means a lot. Mastering takes the longest time for me, I've been looking for someone to help out for a while. Looking at that link (duh) rchrd is just the guy.

  • Re: Podcast mastering

    Awesome! Do you have a portfolio of anykind? It's fine of you don't

  • Pimp my Shopify

    The response has been extremely positive for prior posts so hey why not go for the whole shebang?

    I'm looking for someone to give my Shopify store some pep. It's not live yet but will be in about three weeks. It retails acoustic absorbing foam, so a simple product with a minimum of SKUs. There is also an about page.

    Anyone with the web design expertise to tackle a project this advanced is welcome. Pay is of course negotiable and starts at 150,000LTBC.

  • Re: LTBCoin for SEO and google adwords setup


  • LTBCoin for SEO and google adwords setup

    I have a Shopify store that requires SEO and an adwords campaign.

    It is a very simple task that should be easily completed. Payment is 100,000LTBCoin

    [Edit] Good point @just. We will make it 300,000LTBCoin with a potential bonus contingent on circumstances.

  • Podcast mastering

    Calling all sound engineers!

    I'd like to offer 25% (negotiable) of the distribution of LTB for the Beyond Bitcoin podcast in return for mastering services. I will perform most of the editing myself but require the tracks to be arranged, mixed and posted to the soundcloud account.

    The role is ongoing and may include work on another podcast. It will probably account for 1-2 hours of content per week.

  • Re: how tough should the magic words be?

    Ok ok, I'm going to stick with trivia but it won't be too hard. Sometimes it's just fun to think of people listening to this stuff, like the bird calls, haha total facepalm. there is an in joke there actually that maybe four people got, if you count me. but you all are right in the end and the ultimate goal is to produce a valuable information resource.

    I have no interest in profiting from this I just like having an excuse to talk to these folks :-)

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