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  • Re: New Podcast

    Hahaha you're right. That song is totally crypto. I wonder how many have actually heard it.

  • Re: New Podcast

    Nice, thanks John.

  • Re: New Podcast

    Alright, sounds like we're getting somewhere. The Meme Wars is a term I haven't heard yet but it sounds like a great way to frame a lot of the ideological conflict we see everywhere today from crypto to politics.

    @adam it sounds like a very similar idea to what I was thinking - my intended focus was a bit more historically/sociologically oriented but still technocentric.

    The phrase "The New Renaissance" is a great title too. It would take some serious content to back it up but that's the business. If you think you have the time to maintain some kind of involvement or know anyone who does it would be great to chat a few specifics. I'm moving to Maine in a couple months so I'll be on a similar time scale soon.

    Actually, if you have specific subjects you feel you're unable to cover on LTB it might be nice to create a space where yourself and others could explore those subjects.

  • Re: New Podcast

    I didn't think of that. At all. I think in part because initially I was trying to disassociate myself from Bitcoin. I may have to reconsider. Great manifesto such a foreshadowing of our age. and with the crypto wars hot again it really feels like the time

  • Re: New Podcast

    Haha thanks man, good feedback! It will be great :-) looking forward to getting stuck in. I've had some interesting conversations recently

  • New Podcast

    Howdy all,

    I'm here for assistance :-/

    Since ending Beyond Bitcoin I've been thinking of producing a new podcast with a more broad subject matter. The following subjects were of interest:

    Alegality, Darkmarkets, Anarchism, The Battle of Orgreve and it's relevance to the rise of capitalism in Britain, The Cypherpunks, Identity Systems - I was thinking of leading with this and continuously returning as technologies develop, The Crypto wars, Maybe an examination of the MEGA saga which continues to develop, And whatever seems relevant to all of this.

    The first thing I need is a name. The second is an introductory interview. The goal is to tie all these subjects together. we are all aware of this idea of a new country emerging on the internet foreshadowed by colonial metaphors like "wild west" and "gold rush". This seems like a great place to start. Ideas so far:

    The Numbers Game/ A game of numbers (get the reference there?) New Nation (or some thematic variant)

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    As for introductory interviews I feel like I want to aim high and find someone unassociated with, but relevant to the Bitcoin community. Any ideas or introductions would also be massively appreciated.

    And any other ideas. just throw 'em at me. I'm looking forward to serving this great community again :-)

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