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    Categories: Beyond Bitcoin

    Beyond Bitcoin - 4 - Money Memes & the Coming Swarm

    June 11th, 2014 by Legendface66

    Well, let me tell you, we have some great guests today.

    First is a brief talk with Joel Deitz of Swarm. Swarm is a crowd funding platform that distributes equity with some checks in place to protect both creators and investors. This, along side anonymous transactions and remission is in my mind a top killer app of cryptocurrency. Swarm is itself looking for capital investment from the public, beginning in a few days. Editing connection difficulties turned this solid interview into a brief short but the important stuff is in there.

    Next up, Neil and Jonathan from Altcoin ... Read More

    Categories: Beyond Bitcoin

    Beyond Bitcoin - 3 - Research and Fluidity

    June 4th, 2014 by Legendface66
    Nikos Bentenitis and Panos Skourtis discuss the difficulties of educating in cryptocurrency, the efficacy of technical analysis in understanding price movements and scientific peer review enhanced by blockchain reputation systems.
    Then Joseph Lubin of Ethereum joins to talk about all kinds of interesting stuff including the super fluid economy of the future and consensus vs hierarchical organisation structure.

    Music provided by Csus. Check them out on Soundcloud.
    Content provided by Nikos Bentenitis, Panos Skourtis and Joseph Lubin.
    Any questions or comments? Email [email protected] Read More

    Beyond Bitcoin - 2 - Bas Wisselink On NXT

    May 29th, 2014 by Legendface66

    This episode of Beyond Bitcoin features NXT community member Bas Wisselink discussing the NXT asset exchange and community. Bas has been cultivating NXT since soon after its inception and offers deep insight into the inner workings of a truly decentralised cryptocurrency community.


    Music provided by Csus. Check them out on Soundcloud.

    Content provided by Bas Wisselink.

    Any questions or comments? Email [email protected]

    Read More

    Beyond Bitcoin 1: NXT Asset Exchange and Bitshares Technical Update

    May 21st, 2014 by Legendface66

    The Beyond Bitcoin LTB debut

    Hey everybody, Adam B. Levine here - Let's Talk Bitcoin! is proud to add another show to our lineup.  Meet Arthur S. Falls, based in New Zealand and host of the Beyond Bitcoin show.  On this show you're going to hear about only the bleeding edge of the cryptocurrency movement with interviews from the leaders in the space and more to come as the show matures.

    We start with a quick rundown of the assets on the fresh NXT asset exchange then move on to a delightfully in depth discussion of the state of the Bitshares project between Dan Larimer and the community. Hint: big changes and breaking new ground.

    Despite being posted in my name, the tip address on this post goes s... Read More

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