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  • Real Name: Arthur S. Falls
  • Location: Wellington, New Zealand
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    Categories: The Ether Review

    The Third Web #4 - DFINITY Consensus

    January 23rd, 2018 by Arthur S. Falls

    "The DFINITY project was formed to research ways of enabling public decentralized networks to host a virtual computer of unlimited capacity. This rests upon a new blockchain computer that is similar in concept to Ethereum but has vastly improved performance and, ultimately, unlimited capacity. The starting requirement was that the systems developed should be useful in joining 1 million or more mining clients."

    Huge claims, but the DFINITY project is indeed one of the most interesting infrastr...

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    Categories: The Ether Review

    Third Web #3 - SingularityNet

    January 23rd, 2018 by Arthur S. Falls

    Artificial Intelligence Researcher Ben Goertzal and Blockchain Solution Architect, Simone Vulpem discuss the SingularityNet artificial intelligence marketplace. Currently, the market for artificial intelligence is dominated by industry giants with huge monolithic offerings with features far beyond the often niche applications may businesses have a need for.

    Smaller organisations provide bespoke solutions but these can be expensive and configuration heavy.

    SingularityNet gives independent d...

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    Categories: The Ether Review

    The Third Web Micro - Economies #2 - SpankChain

    December 10th, 2017 by Arthur S. Falls

    In today’s episode we look at spank chain, an adult industry cryptocurrency payment system built using Ethereum. Currently, financial intermediaries in the adult entertainment industry exploiting their position to impose arbitrary rules on content by refusing to serve participants who produce content a specific payment processor finds objectionable.

    The effect of this is to persecute already marginalized groups like trans men and women and as well as severing the income of both individuals ...

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    Categories: The Ether Review

    The Third Web #2 - Quantifying Gaze

    November 20th, 2017 by Arthur S. Falls

    Today we are taking a quick look at a range of problems and their solutions through the lens of a little known project known as Gazecoin. Under the gaze coin banner are a range of projects, among them, a virtual world with purchasable real estate which serves as a content delivery channel.

    I first encountered Gazecoin when founder Jonny peters invited me to check out the project’s pilot content-creation studio in Sydney. 

    Jonny is an accomplished entrepreneur who made his first move in ...

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    Categories: The Ether Review

    Third Web Micro-Economies #1 - The Props Project by YouNow

    November 12th, 2017 by Arthur S. Falls

    Video, mobile first, open APIs, an existing two sided market, and a 40 million strong userbase already transacting digitally. The YouNow live video platform is an ideal candidate for a monetary network based business. YouNow’s Props project aims to achieve just this.

    Decentralized economies will reshape digital media.

    Decentralized monetary networks work well when applied to existing producer-consumer networks. Today digital media is a producer-consumer network with despotic intermediar...

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    Categories: The Ether Review

    The Third Web #1 - Re-examining the Legality of ICOs

    November 6th, 2017 by Arthur S. Falls

    Joshua Ashley Klayman, co-founded the blockchain and smart contracts working group at the law firm Morrison and Foerster and leads the WSBA’s Legal Working Group. We caught up in person at a Cafe in Central Park to discuss gender disparity in tech and ICO regulation - a subject of considerable significance right now.

    Women in blockchain: Social barriers to entry, Counterproductive responses to gender disparity in blockchain, Public displays of bigotry.

    ICO Regulation: ...

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    Categories: The Ether Review

    Third Web #0 - The Ether Review Final Episode

    October 31st, 2017 by Arthur S. Falls

    Today we’re wrapping up The Ether Review and kicking off The Third Web. Some of the remarks I make in this episode are overstated and under qualified. Please feel free to critique any views you disagree with in the comments and if there is sufficient intelligent controversy I’ll revisit the subjects in question in subsequent episodes.

    This podcast is targeted at industry observers looking for a technical examination of issues on the frontier of what has become known as the blockchain spac...

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    Categories: The Ether Review

    The Ether Review #76 — Attores & Indorse, Smart Contracts as a Service

    October 17th, 2017 by Arthur S. Falls

    The founders of Attores, Gorang Torvekar and David Moskowitz discuss their notion of “smart contracts as a service”.

    The platform is currently being piloted by nanyang polytechnic in Singapore as a digital diploma registry. This is being extended into a full professional network platform called Indorse, which ran an ICO earlier this year.

    In addition to the above we discuss the birth of the Ethereum Kovan testnet, which has it’s origins in a pub, just outside the Attores/Ethereum Fou...

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    Categories: The Ether Review

    The Ether Review #75 — Streamr, Completing the Data Services Trifecta

    October 11th, 2017 by Arthur S. Falls

    Current solutions for decentralized data processing like Golem or Truebit provide part of a data services solution. Storj, Filecoin, Sia, and others offer storage solutions.

    Streamer tokenizes the value in streams of Data. Using the same interface for both data delivery and payment, Streamr hopes to create a two sided market for data. This rounds out the basic data services portfolio, operating synergistically with existing projects.

    CEO Henri Pihkala and COO Risto Karjalainen explain.


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    Categories: The Ether Review

    The Ether Review #74 —An Emerging Capital Market

    October 9th, 2017 by Arthur S. Falls

    Element Group is a full service investment bank for the crypto-token markets.

    Stan Miroshnik has a background in traditional finance. After watching the crypto-markets form, Stan and his colleagues began working to understand these new markets and build a traditional finance business to serve the space.

    We discuss the maturity of the companies using the token launch fundraising mechanism, and those investing in the tokens. Stan sees an emerging market with strong similarities to traditiona...

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