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  • Re: LTBC swap to POE is done ?

    Is it too late to do this now? I could not do it at the start of the event.

    Edit: Never mind, got it to work. My browser privacy settings were a bit too strict to allow the third party connection to the order page, I think. It's mildly annoying that I had to relax those settings to make it work :\

  • Re: LTB Podcast feed not showing several shows

    I can see all the shows again in my feed, thanks cryptonaut!

    I'm still having a problem actually playing any non-LTB show though, in ios podcasts they very quickly say that the episode is temporarily unavailable, and in the LTB app they just stay stuck at loading until I cancel them. Not sure if this is an issue with the feed or with the podcast posters themselves :\

  • bitcoins & gravy doesn't load for me

    Either in the iOS podcasts app, or in the iOS LTB app, I can't get the latest bitcoins & gravy episode to load. I couldn't get last week's episode to load either until yesterday (too late for magic words unfortunately). Is anyone else seeing this happen?

  • Re: Beyond Bitcoin Podcast not showing

    When I look at this: I don't see the aforementioned shows either; must be an issue with how the feed is generated.

  • Re: Beyond Bitcoin Podcast not showing

    This is also the case with the new p2p connects us podcast, shows up in the ios app but not in the itunes feed (and i assume in others' feeds).

  • Re: iOS wallet options

    As for coinbase, i'd like to have a coinbase app but i'm not sure if i'd trust a non-official app (even though the third party app is sanctioned by coinbase, I'd prefer to have an official first-party developed app from them). I'll likely just keep using the web ui for them until that happens, if it ever does.

  • Re: iOS wallet options

    Cool, I didn't realize that hive had an ios app too. i think i'll check that one out.

  • iOS wallet options

    What iOS bitcoin wallets do people use? i know of blockchain, pheeva, and coinpocket; i've used blockchain which is alright, but i'm wondering if there's a better one since blockchain doesn't feel too native to me. I'm not a huge fan of signing up for another service like pheeva just to use their wallet, either. Ideally a given wallet would have some decent privacy options built in (new addresses for each incoming payment, etc). What do you guys use?

  • Re: First round of improvements for LTB iOS App - Chime in!

    Indeed; I'm an iOS developer and i can really appreciate the UI design that went into this app; lots of things that i myself wouldnt have thought of implementing make the app feel really nice to use, and the UI stands out from a lot of the other ios apps i've seen in terms of functionality and how users can do things in it.

  • Re: First round of improvements for LTB iOS App - Chime in!

    I don't know if someone has mentioned it before so if it doesn't make it into the very next version that's alright, but seeing your LTBc balance like you can on the site's account section would be nice. A place to enter magic words would also be neat, unless the app auto-marks you as having listened to an episode without the magic words already and i'm just not aware of it (and if it doesn't do that, then that'd be even better if it's technically possible).

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