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  • Re: Best VPN?

    I have played around with several VPNs like PIA, Anonymizer and, but I now use They are reasonably priced, they prefer payment in bitcoin and they ask for no personal information beyond an email address. The Linux setup is a bit more difficult to configure than the Windows client, but both work fine. I haven't used it on a Mac, but doubt it's much different There is a free version that you can use anytime (no 30-day trial period or anything like that), but bandwidth is limited and the only exit node you can use for free is in Paris. If you buy a token from them (or a token re-seller) you can choose from any one of their many exit nodes all over the world, and performance is perfectly fine. You have to disable IPv6 compatibility, though, since it only works via IPv4.

    They also have an active forum area on their website to help people through the learning process and keep everyone safe from online spies and crooks.

  • Re: LTB iOS app

    I was using the iOS app successfully for the past few weeks and really enjoyed the experience. Now, however, I cannot get any feature of the app to work. It crashes whenever I try to load a podcast or even log into my LTB account. I removed it and re-installed it, but this behavior continues. Too bad the app isn't yet available on Android. I will uninstall it again and try re-installing it to see if I can get it working again.

  • Re: Windows or MacOS X or Linux?

    I administer a datacenter that supports mostly Windows workstations and servers, but we have some Linux appliances that we have to run to keep everything working properly and safely (NetScaler, etc.). On my personal desktop at home, I dual-boot between Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu, and also run virtual machines of many different kinds (LinuxMint, RoboLinux, UbuntuMATE, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, etc.). I use a laptop that also dual-boots between Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.10.

    Finally, I have a couple of Raspberry Pi devices that I use as host computers for my bitcoin mining rigs. I love the RPi!!!

  • Re: Mining PC - still worth it?

    I shut my miners down for a couple of weeks and now that the price has edged up a bit, I'm running them at night when the off-peak power rates are lowest. Still looking for a hosting solution that will reduce my power costs, but that hasn't worked out yet. I joined a hackerspace whose lease includes unmetered power, but they need an electrician to come in and re-wire the circuits to accommodate my needs (building is an old mothballed military facility, and both wiring and plumbing are in very bad shape). Until the circuits are installed, I'm barely getting 0.02 BTC per day.

  • Re: Last 2 Magic Words already expired?

    This happens to me frequently. Just this morning (11/19/2014), I tried using the magic word from #162 which was supposed to expire on 11/19/2014. Epic Fail.

    I no longer assume that this means midnight on the expiration date, but probably means Eastern Time on the expiration date or midnight on the day before the announced date. I live on the west coast, and only sync my iPod once or twice a week, so I almost never get the magic words in time to take advantage of them. Some LTB podcasts (I'm looking at you John Bush) don't even announce the deadline in their recording.

    Don't get me wrong, I love John (and just met him last weekend on his UnCoinVentional tour), but it would be helpful if the hosts would announce not just the magic words expiration DATE, but also the exact TIME that word will expire. Otherwise, you're just going to frustrate your listeners.

  • Re: Suggest a Topic or Guest! Your suggestion picked? You get a 1000LTBC tip!

    You may wish to interview Lasse Birk Olesen, who founded Bitcoinnordic, the first crypto exchange in Denmark and who is now the Chief Product Officer at Coinify (which recently acquired Bitcoinnordic). He's given a couple of very good TED talks about the emerging distributed economy, seasteading and bitcoin, and could give your listeners a comprehensive overview of how cryptocurrencies are being adopted in Denmark and throughout Scandanavia.

  • Re: Moon Bitcoin Claim your reward when you want

    I've been putting together a presentation for newcomers to show them how to use faucets like as an easy way to make them comfortable with cryptocurrencies. I'm a miner, but explaining mining to newbies is really challenging, so showing newcomers how to acquire digital currencies through faucets and ad-supported gaming sites makes them more comfortable with these concepts. Sure, the payouts are microscopic, but that also helps to give them an idea of the almost infinite divisibility of bitcoin. I haven't tried using the Xapo wallet,but I may open one just to see how it works.

  • Re: Craigslist adopts Bitcoin

    I was going to mention Peerhub, on which I've sold items for bitcoin, but someone already beat me to it. I think that with the development of OpenBazaar and other projects, there are sure to be more marketplace options that will be using cryptocurrencies. Peerhub is probably the first, and is only in early-stage development, but will mature rapidly if it becomes more popular. I strongly encourage folks to try it out!

    I have used Craigslist for both cash and bitcoin transactions, and would like to see how they would integrate bitcoin into the platform, but at the very least we could ask them to allow sellers to flag their listings with a bitcoin button, as you suggested. That can't require more than a few dozen lines of code they could easily slap together in a day or two. I'd be much more excited if they could develop a button that integrates with Kryptokit or (or any other browser wallet or local client) to simplify the transaction. How about one that connects both parties to an escrow service by default?

    Hell, if Peerhub adds a browser plug-in for simplifying crypto transactions, it would clearly be more compelling for this community than Craigslist. Isn't competition great?

  • Re: income LTBcoin a week

    I'm just a little annoyed with the Magic Word expirations as announced on the podcast. On at least four occasions, I have not had a chance to listen to the LTB podcast until the date the magic word expires, and am greeted with the "invalid or expired magic word" error when I try to submit it on that date. I always assumed the magic word expired at midnight on the announced day, but this is obviously wrong. Today was just another one of those days. I listened to #154 this morning on my way to work (10/22/2014), heard the magic word, and tried to submit it before noon. I'm on the West Coast (PST), so I guess I now have to assume that the expiration date is based on UTC, so if I don't have a chance to listen to the podcast before the announced date, I have to wake up before 4:00 a.m. on the expiration date if I expect the word to still be valid.

    I can't believe I'm the only one in Oregon to have this problem, so Adam, I would appreciate it if you could explicitly state the TIME OF DAY that the Magic Word expires (not just the date). It is now 12:30 p.m. in Beaverton on 10/22/2014 and the magic word is no longer valid for #154.

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