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  • Real Name: Ivor Thomas
  • Location: Portland OR
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    My day job is medical technologist - microbiologist but I'd rather be woodworking, gardening, home remodeling, playing & recording music, and of course, obsessing about Bitcoin. I'm hoping LTB and Counterparty is a big success. .

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  • Re: Soon: Colombian Bitcoin Exchange

    Sure hope they take coin and password security very seriously. Seems like convenience wins almost every time over security when it comes to exchanges.

  • Re: Best VPN?

    I have been very happy with PIA for the last year. I use it all of the time on all of my gadgets. Easy BTC payments. They've even taken on Roger Ver in some capacity recently. I'm not an expert but they seem to score well AFAICT.

    Another thing you might play with is the new Opera browser. I heard that using it gives you VPN protection. That's cool, but that is probably only for data running through the browser. I prefer an encrypted tunnel for everything.

    I think everyone should should use the most crypto for even the most mundane online stuff. The more chaff, the better off we all are.

  • Re: I want to crowdfund a Bitcoin neon sign for local biz.

    Dr. Forum, I was looking at the early peek at Open Bazaar and noticed that crowd funding is in the works in addition to the typical online marketplace buying & selling. That is very cool. Also 'Ebay style' auction pricing for the stuff you are selling. These decentralized tools are a boon for civilization, and we have grabbed the front row seats to a rolling paradigm shift in realtime.

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