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  • Re: Big Upcoming Announcement & The Return of LTB

    I wasn't even aware this was happening, nice!

  • Private Key Value

    A private key with the value 0 would generate the address: 16QaFeudRUt8NYy2yzjm3BMvG4xBbAsBFM but what I'm trying to understand what is this value derived from?

  • Re: Spam!

    @cryptonaut I'm going to go ahead and implement a temporary change tonight where all new accounts require an approval for their first posts, this shit is going on way too long.

    Love this already, you rock!

  • Re: Spam!

    It's getting harder to keep up, just buried like 20 more Spam threads, in "General" alone.

  • Re: Windows or MacOS X or Linux?

    MacOS here too. Just used for photography a lot, so got used to them and that's that :)

  • Re: It's mind boggling that LTB has 210 episodes out

    I love this network, heres to many more!

  • Re: Upcoming Bitcoin Hard Fork & /r/bitcoin censorship


    @jayek I'm in agreement that we need to scale to the larger block size, but does anyone else feel the fork is a bad idea and should be implemented in core. Not so much an issue with the tech, but the general public perception and confidence in Bitcoin in as a whole, regardless if it's Core/XT. I think the way this has played out is bad for Bitcoin.

    You have described the position it sounds like Gavin/Mike found themselves in, thinking larger block sizes are important and wanting to do it through core but being unable to because any developer with commit access has veto power. This is the core of the issue it seems and what led us to where we are now.

    My issue with XT is that it's not just making a technical decision, it's the abandonment of a process that could harm bitcoin at it's core, no pun intended. :)

    The consensus of the bitcoin engineers being dismissed to a much smaller, controversial team with these changes scares me.

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