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  • Re: Misdirected



    @llaircoolsll hello , can anyone explain to me about the coins that misdirected? I had the XCP and sent to poloniex with the wrong address (using LTB address in poloniex) Can someone explain to me what will happen?

    Can you provide the LTB address you used? There will be a record of the transaction on

    i don't know how to give a picture in this message, so i will sent a link

    If 1MD75f5zpfmpRsRvZJtHp3yPFz3aRgfYh6 is your Poloniex accounts LTBc deposit address, your only option is to contact them for help. If 1MD75f5zpfmpRsRvZJtHp3yPFz3aRgfYh6 is a random address that you mistyped, then those coins are lost forever.

    The only scenario in which you could potentially recover the funds is if they were sent to the wrong Poloniex deposit address. If that is not the case, then there is no way to recover the funds.

  • Re: Misdirected

    Do you mean that you accidentally sent XCP to the deposit address for LTBc on Poloniex? I did something similar once where I sent XCP to my exchange accounts BTC deposit address. I was able to resolve it by messaging support at the exchange and they straightened things out. If this is the same situation for you, try messaging the exchanges support.

  • is an expired domain

    @adam Any word on if the site is going to be renewed or is the plan to use letstalkbitcoin / tokenly for information on LTBc going forward?

  • Re: Upcoming Bitcoin Hard Fork Effect on Alt Coins


    I don't necessarily mean in a trading for profit sense. An example would be when several thousand bitcoins were stolen from the Evolution dark net market roughly 2 months ago. Anonymity coins like Monero and Dash shot up on Poloniex. I don't know if stolen coins were actually getting sold for these alts, but it appears that people speculated so and contributed to the surge in price and volume.

    Although I sold my Litecoin some time ago, I feel like buying more because basically every time Bitcoin rises somewhat quickly, such as the last few days, Litecoin always rises faster and those higher prices tend to set a new bottom for the altercoin, even if Bitcoin goes back down. Personally I don't think Litecoin has much value aside from being the 2nd most known cryptocurrency, but it may shoot up when anxiety over the looming fork gets closer and people either want to speculate in the way I just described, or hedge their coins in the event that something happens during the fork.

    My questions is, has anyone noticed similar movements that are somewhat predictable depending on the context of the major event.

    Coins stolen -> anonymity coins go up - speculators suspect stolen coin mixing and lots of liquidity Bitcoin goes up quickly -> Litecoin rises faster since it is somewhat established and speculators see it as "the next train out of the station"

    I've noticed these trends over the last ~2 years but don't really watch the markets except for when big events take place. I'm really interested in trying to think of the scenario (hard fork) and the most likely reaction that the masses have to it. Whether stolen coins get mixed using other coins is not guaranteed, but people think it is and it therefore becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Upcoming Bitcoin Hard Fork Effect on Alt Coins

    Whatever decision is made to increase the scalability of Bitcoin, how do you think it will effects altcoins? Do you think the individual altcoin developers will follow whatever decision Bitcoin devs take? Will altcoins get split into categories of "ready to scale for increase in transaction volume" vs those that have not?

  • Re: DMD Diamond coin - 50% annual interest

    @zodiak If you look closely at the market share of coins with income POS you will see that most of them do not have a clear number of coins in the system. For example Peercoin or Namecoin This means that the coins can be milliard and more. People just do not think about it. But why buy the coins that are to be mining to the infinity? Diamond has a favorable contrast. Coins in the system will only be 4.38 million and on the it is worth paying attention. I think that Diamond has a big future in the market of jewelry and exclusive antiques.

    The Namecoin supply is actually capped at 21 million, just like Bitcoin.

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