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  • Real Name: Eric
  • LTBcoin Compatible Address: 14GfFTDb25zrFyeNAkGXb5H7rxTGDEoPqr
  • Location: Oregon
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    Doodle artist, indie gamedev, distributed consensus and blockchain enthusiast

    I am also active on Twitter: @AwfulProgrammer

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    Want to show your appreciation for my artwork or other community contribution? I glady accept LTBcoin tips :) 14GfFTDb25zrFyeNAkGXb5H7rxTGDEoPqr I also accept requests for doodle artwork on commission

    Follow me on Twitter: @AwfulProgrammer

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  • Re: New segment idea for one of the LTBN podcasts - altcoin innovations

    @rockhoward I love the idea and I may even be willing to take a lead role in creating such a podcast. To be honest I am more interested in appcoins than altcoins so that is where I would primarily focus if I was in charge.

    Where did you find the image with all of the various token images?

    I too am interested more in the technology than the currency. However, I do feel like there is a lot of very creative innovation coming out of the altcoin space that can help inspire and spark the imagination of those of us who are interedted in the other applications besides currency.

    I think it would be great if you created another podcast. I had thrown the idea around myself. I actually went out and bought a nice pro mic a few months ago to use for this type of application, but havent had the time to do it. Hopefully at the end of the year I will have a lot more free hours per week. That might be a good time for me to look more into the podcast idea. Maybe we should keep in touch, and possibly even consider working together on such a thing.

    The image i found via google. I didn't see an image credit, and figured it wasn't necessary since it was only a display of altcoin logos and not something of what would be considered an original design or anything. However, if i do get a message for takedown, i will remove my image link and create my own altcoon logo grid :)


  • New segment idea for one of the LTBN podcasts - altcoin innovations

    I would like to hear about some of the different innovations that altcoins are experimenting with. We hear a lot on these podcasts about the so-called bitcoin 2.0 platforms, which as a developer myself, is very interesting, but I feel like there are a lot of other innovations happening in the altcoin world that would be great to hear about on one of the podcasts.

    I believe that there are a lot of exciting and interesting experiments happening in this space, and although some of them may not capture the imagination of how the world will change like some of these 2.0 protocols, I think they do present a very important space of innovation that has been mostly untouched lately by any of the podcasts I have listened to on the network.

    What do you guys think of this idea? Does this sound like it would be something you would like to hear about? If so, like this post and/or leave a comment with your opinion on the matter. If the idea is popular, I see no reason one of the podcasts on this network wouldn't pick the idea up and run with it.

    Eric @AwfulProgrammer (greenguitar28)

  • Re: Ethereum cartoon

    @meadefreling It very funny and it looks nice.

    thanks :)

  • Re: Ethereum cartoon

    @thinktank Peer to peer means no middle man, but it will be interesting to see the final application and the level of people it brings out instantly trying to game it.

    I hope it comes across that I mean this in the most respectful way- I am certain that there is something you are missing from understanding how the system works. I do agree with you that there will be many who will try to manipulate things unfairly in their own favor, but we both know that there are many people who will always look for ways to do this in every system that could ever exist.

    The system is decentralized because it is exists as a peer to peer platform using blockchain technology. When you want a contract to execute in the system, both the contract and those who perform the execution of the contract are peers within the decentralized system. The contract itself is an autonomous entity that lives on the blockchain and the parties who execute the code within the contract are the miners.

  • Re: Ethereum cartoon

    @thinktank Gavin Anderson's quote of emperors new cloths fashion said of etherium, something to the effect of not understanding the need of paying for a contract with some you already don't trust (ie the need for a contract) but then trust them to write it correctly as counter productive.

    It seems over hyped , and all that is left is the under deliver portion of ipo like parallel I also agree with.

    It's possible I am not understanding your post properly, but from what I understand so far is the contracts wouldn't necessarily be written by the people who are interacting with them. The contract exists as a bit of artificial intelligence that can perform actions in the place of a real person (any action that a real person can perform on the network, actually, as I understand it). So, for example, the idea of me having to trust a guy who wants to sell me his car to properly create a contract that is fair to both of us isn't going to be the case. Rather, we will both seek a Dapp that is trusted in the community as having been built in a fair way and we will together choose to use that Dapp's contract to make our deal.

  • Re: #Doodling4Tips

    A commissioned doodle for AutoTileGen, a game dev tool.

  • Re: #Doodling4Tips

    A commissioned doodle for Vericoin, touting the ability to spend VRC in place of Bitcoin from within the VRC wallet.

  • Re: #Doodling4Tips

    A doodle I did while playing the game Draw Something 2 on my phone.

  • Re: #Doodling4Tips

  • Re: #Doodling4Tips

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