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  • Re: OCTO 888 lottery faucet

    I'm just taking a break. I still hope to give OCTO some type of utility but at this point I've been spinning my wheels. I'll regroup at some point.

  • Re: We have developed a bitcoin geocaching app called takara

    So it's not available yet on the app store. Release date?

  • Re: Where Is My LTBcoin and my XCP, poloniex ?

    Yeah, I would. I actually have two tickets open with Polo for failed XCP withdrawals. I usually have "complete: error" error when I withdraw if it does not go through correctly.

    A great thing to remember is that if you aren't on an exchange to trade, you don't have to use your typical exchange to trade. There are plenty of swapbots selling CP tokens and quite a few CP tokens are available on Shapeshift. If all you are doing is simply trading BTC for CP tokens and not there to trade on the price cycles, then it's much easier to use a swapbot or Shapeshift IMO.

  • Re: Where Is My LTBcoin and my XCP, poloniex ?

    ^^ Agreed.

    Polo's support team is usually awesome and follow up quickly. You'll notice that XCP and other CP assets hang up on deposits/withdrawals sometimes. Usually all it takes is submitting a ticket with a screen shot and they correct it quickly.

    good luck!

  • Re: OCTO Fantasy MMA Pre-Alpha Case Study

    Yeah McGregor took that one ridiculously easy. I expected a decent fight. We couldn't get this up in time for this PPV due to the holidays. We are going to try this again at the beginning of the new year.

    At first it will be just done through forms on but I do have a possible developer to code the actual site. We are still in talks with him. I am also still trying to figure out how to do the points system for cards.

  • Re: OCTO 888 lottery faucet

    @yefet OCTO team - show us some OCTOdevelopment ;-) and make a listing at some Crypto Exchange


    The last thing I'm worried about is an exchange. We were on Bittrex from March 2015 until November and nobody was trading OCTO. You have the DEX if you wish to trade. The current value of OCTO isn't what is important. Giving OCTO a good use is. The value comes with utility. I'm working hard to give OCTO that use with a Fantasy MMA/Trading Card game. Hopefully people who already hold OCTO will want to play. If people who don't hold OCTO want to play all the holders, including our swapbot will have plenty of time to trade/sell OCTO. The point of OCTO is to use as an access token for OCTO projects. That's my focus. Thanks for your input!

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