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  • Re: Magic Words Hiatus?

    I really enjoyed the Daily Decrypt. I download and listen to all the LTB podcasts on the go while traveling so being that Amanda' show will not be on there anymore I will be missing out on it :(

    Shall we petition her to reverse this decision???

  • 7 Deadly Sins of Bitcoin

    1. Pride: It was pride that changed innovators for humanity into capitalists in spite of humanity, humility made Satoshi a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

    2. Envy: Money is the color green , the color of envy. Do not envy early adopters but rather join their cause.

    3. Gluttony: Those who consume empty blocks will lose focus on the end game, and ultimately lose control. Boycott SPV mining.

    4. Lust: Temptation within everyman offers only a short term fix and long term emptiness for self and community as we are all one.

    5. Anger: Anger with reason sparks our passion for change; Anger lacking reason will create disorder within the community.

    6. Greed: This sin we seek to escape through decentralized peer to peer networks; incorporate greed into code and many will suffer for the benefit of a select few.

    7. Sloth Without a concert community, we will cease our journey to salvation.

    Bitcoin is not money, a fad, or a bubble; it is a revolution. Who will control it? Mankind or evil that wishes to control mankind?

  • Re: Reusing old mining harware

    How about using some of these old mining rigs as a means to introduce bitcoin and decentralized networks to kids? Someone with basic knowledge of how bitcoin works could use these old rigs for a hands-on demonstration as an introduction into decentralized networks. The mining rig itself would be a way to involve the kids, gain their interest as this computer generates coins, and create a segue into the concepts of decentralization, money, etc. Growing up I never had interest in the topics offered up by the public school system but one assignment in college changed all of that and led me to dropping out of school. That assignment was reading the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Somebody could easily create an introduction class centered around these old mining rigs to break our youth free from the paradigm which our education system entraps them within.

  • Re: Any developers or Entreprenuers interested?

  • Re: Upcoming Bitcoin Hard Fork & /r/bitcoin censorship

    I get the impression blocksize debate is a distraction from other patches Mike Hearn has implemented such as IP address blacklisting and who knows what else. I am not fully up to speed on the entire issue but seems as though the other patches are left completely out of the debate. Also, I can't seem to forget Gavin did meet with the CIA awhile back and question if he is being used for some nefarious purpose that he may not understand.

    If something is not broke, there is no need to fix it. I am generally in favor of a blocksize increase but the issue has been made into a huge fiasco and has me very suspicious of XT.

  • Re: The LTB Disruptive Book Club

    For those of us that find it difficult to make time to read all the great, informative books out there I would highly recommend downloading audio books . Instead of listening to commercial ridden terrestrial radio while driving, turn on an audio book. I recently did this with Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money. Very interesting story that will keep your interest peaked.

  • Re: Any developers or Entreprenuers interested?

    If there are any developers interested in working on this project please pm me. I have some paid work available.

  • Re: Any developers or Entreprenuers interested?

    The business is up and running (or at least part-time when I have time for it). The screens are used for displaying products/service, educational literature, selling advertisement space, etc. Unlike a lot of the screens you may see out there, these are touch screens which allow users to utilize a scroll bar to search through the material and submit personal contact information so that the owner of the screen may contact them. There are various other features like a back office for the owner to track customer leads, number of screen clicks, add/remove ad's, etc. One client has screens that are motion activated so that an audio greeting will play asking "how may I help you?" Obviously the screens can do much more with additional coding.

  • Re: Any developers or Entreprenuers interested?

    I was unsure how to price this but renewal of my existing lease contracts should net the equivalent of 45 BTC in dollars. I have a lot more than that invested but I simply cannot make the time to achieve the true potential. I can provide all the specifics to anyone that may be interested.

  • Re: Any developers or Entreprenuers interested?

    Thanks Adam

    I do want to mention I have an existing client who is wanting additional screens built based on their existing setup as well as another party that contacted me wanting a very simplistic screen built. Existing clients are leased hardware/software on a yearly basis.

    The sale includes 13 all-in-one touch screens which retail around $900 each.

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