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  • Real Name: Maël ROLLAND
  • Location: Paris, FRANCE
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    Teacher in Economic And Social Sciences in high school | PhD candidate in economics @ehess | #Cryptocurrencies #InstitutionalEconomics #MonetaryTheories #SocioEconomics | Tweeter: @elmalandr0

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  • Re: GetGems Developement Update for all

    New Statement from D.R. Allen to the GetGems community, and new challenge for it...

    Hi all,

    David R. Allen made a new statement on GetGems by a medium post. He gives news on GetGems, responds to some questions and gives his own views on the future developpement of the GetGems plateforme, and his work on, a new service he still creating with some volunteers.

    Thank David for the updates

  • Re: GetGems Developement Update for all


  • Re: Current Best BTC Debit Card Options for NON-US citizens?


    I've heard by a friend that Wirex / offer good service in debit/credit cards (virtual and plastic, on demand) that you can charge with btc. I found this on BitcoinTalk. For my part, I just made an account this week, i can't say more yet, i haven't trying it for so long time... But you can made a registration here for trying. They, give a free virtual card for the first registration... but i can't certifiate the quality

    The app look like this

  • Re: Rare Pepe Community: "We need you"

    Several good news from the Rare Pepe Cards Community: Recovery of certification, PepeCash ATH and so on...

    Hi folks,

    For those who, after been introduced on the Rare Pepe Cards (RPC) and are already aware of our last month news... we have to annouce somes updates!

    The frozen phase is closed! Artists, to your pincers! The certification of new cards resumes

    The rare pepe directory, the fondation and it scientists which are dedicated to certify the most rare and beautiful pepe cards on the net, have annonced, in a Medium post that the frozen phase is over! Remind that this last phase has been taken to preserve the rarness of RPC. Now you can again offer your own graphic visuals to the certification, which of course must respect the criteria of certifications. After you create your visual, you just have to create a token (non-divisible; locked; no advert) with a Counterparty compatible wallet. You can find a fully working rare pepe wallet to view the Pepes you own on rarepepewallet or use a counterparty wallet compatible (counterwallet, indiesquare or Book of Orbs. The later, BoO wallet is an app for your phone and supports spells of genesis and RarePepe cards here. To make this tokenisation remind that you need both XCP for the issuance (0,5 xcp) and BTC for the transaction through the bitcoin blockchain protocole (fees depend of priority).

    My Rare Pepe precised in a Medium post, that some news rules have been introduced to improve the RPC quality. He explains:

    "#1. Price of submission will rise from $4 to $10 equiv. in Pepecash. This is not for profit reasons, but will hopefully raise the >quality of submitted Pepes. Half of the submission fee will sacrificed to Kek as always for good luck and most of the rest will >be dropped on Takara.

    "#2. Adding upper limit to Pepe issuance to 100k. (Lower limit the same at 100) This is because some people are trying to make >whole new currencies instead of just Pepe trading cards.

    Still sticking to Safe for Work policy for submitting Pepes. Pepe has been getting alot of negative news lately and lots of >people involved in the crypto project don’t get 4chan humor etc. (some do :p). So if you have any doubts, please message >@nola1978 on telegram before creating the asset. Hopefully Pepetech of the future will get rid of the needs for such extreme >vetting.

    After submitting please make sure to put some of your Pepes on the market for people to buy. Lots of creators don’t put >many for sale, and some just disappear off the face of the earth. Whats the point?"

    Obviously, In the same time, a new batch of cards has been released. It promises us, a new flood of beautiful surprises and beautiful visuals... see the newest certificated cards below which open the eleven serie!

    Our mixed and open community still growing up.

    The end of the freeze is a really good news for us and offers the opportunity for the newcomers from the last weeks to put their own Pepe in the game. The last weeks have been really nice and active for this community. We have seen great auctions taken on the specific telegram chanel; put on by our famous members: Glen and RarePepeNews. At the same time, the total of members of the main telegram group reachs 619 (see below) During the same period, the dedicated russian language group reached more than 50 members

    Moreover, this dynamism of the community is also seen directly in the development of a concrete project, that we all cherish ...

    Funding and game development reach a new phase for the Rarepepe.Party TCG Game


    We have already described the game and it's general funding architecture on our latest post. We can say that fundraising has increased rapidly during the last weeks and the team has reached a new milestone! Near 2500 RAREPEPEPRTY have been bought at 0,5 XCP each in a few weeks and today we are now in the phase 4 with 16000 shares which will be sold at 1 XCP each (for the specific info see directly the business proposal

    John Villar "chiguireitor", a dev, says on it dedicated telegram group, that the phase 4 has begun. He says that

    "RAREPEPEPRTY sales have touched the mac, iOS and Windows phone tier" "So we will release the game for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Windows, Linux, Mac and hrml5"

    He annouces later that the testnet beta phase will begin soon and adds that:

    "Booster pack sales on testnet to be released soon on testnet"


    "Afterwards, booster pack release on mainnet will be soon ish"

    You can still participate to the crowd-founding of this beautiful pepe project... You just have to own a counterparty compatible wallet (see above). And then, go to the DEX and search for the RAREPEPEPRTY token.

    After all this, you clearly see what's coming next...

    PepeCash to the moon

    Meanwhile today, PepeCash price breaks above the 350 sat per PepeCash swing high and continues his uptrend, as mentioned previously here. This long-term upward trend and its consolidation is expected to continue over the next month following these latest annoucements and the milestones already reached by the Rarepepe.Party game (we'll talk about it later in this post). See below the chart (screenshot of Blockfolio App, see old post

    Now, big movements are still at work on PepeCash markets whose volumes and price are very much on an upward trend and this for two days. Particularly on Tux exchange, in which the volumes reach more than 22 BTC and the price rocketed to a ATH as you can see on the chart below.

    Logically, PepeCash enters at the #75 place on the 100 first crypto-currencies in the front page of Coin market cap. And these latest days, it appears at the top of most performative assets

    This price resistance, even though most crypto-currencies are experiencing a bearish phase, has already pointed out a few days ago in a cointelegraph article

    In the midst of all these reversals, a few other coins that deserve mentioning were resilient and made meaningful gains. [...] >Worthy of Specifying is Pascal Coin, Bitcrystal and Pepe Cash with 10.66, 6.12 and 4.3 percent improvement sequentially. >Indeed a few cryptocurrency and digital assets had a good laugh.


    We can conclude with all these elements that the future of the RPC community has never been so brilliant! Because we are sure that this phenomenon so amazing, friendly and humorous can only spread even more... You want more clue of our future success? After the publication of a nice article, on motherboard (misteriously, it disappeared from their website) (see this reference found on steemit, today, a French journalist from "Le Monde", a famous French daily newspaper, asked for more information for a future article on our community... stay tuned. Become an alpha, become an aesthete

    Be Rare | Be Nice | Be Pepe

    "The more we will be, the more fun we will end and the more value we will generate", R.Verpepe, in PepeDesk.con

    "Pepecash spread, the price will triple, and the entire world become Pepe" Vinny Pepegham, on PepeTelegraph

    "Lost Rare pepe card only make everyone's Rare pepe card worth slightly more. Think of it as a donation to Kek and trough him, to everyone..." Satochi Pepemoto quoted in Pepecoinest

    "We have elected to put or money and faith in a Kek and pepe framework that is free of politics and human error" Tyler Pepelevoss in Pepenest

    Images sources by order of appearence 1 | [2] [3][4] screenshots | 5 | 6 | [7][8][9] screenshots | 10

    Original article on steemit

  • Re: Rare Pepe Community: "We need you"

    HANSEIPEPE by Koji

    Hi all, bad news for Pepe and other token users

    Bad news into the sphere of regulation of cryptocurrencies and you know how this actuallity is charged and how situation change quickly... for the better or for the worth!

    Koji Higashi tweet "My thoughts on the coming Bitcoin regulation in Japan"

    By a new post on Medium, Koji Higashi, explains how he view the new regulation which still tighten on the land of the rising sun. After outlining the new regulations (difference between cryptocurrency certificated and allowed or not certifiated and illegal) and recalling the experience of Bitlicense imposed in New York, he outlines the underlying risks of such measures for an environment still developing! It seems to be paradoxal to see such measures emerged in a country does the monetary history is so rich of parallel currency see this accademic paper of Kuroda, 2006 or wikipedia of japoneses currency, for beatiful exemple and whose its contemporaneity place him among the countries ahead of the token economy and crypto-currencies adoption. If for big and famous cryptocurrency, the certification would be easy to get he amphasis that:

    " many blockchain 2.0 projects who have their native tokens or use custom tokens on blockchain will get affected >significantly.

    Even if you are not doing an ICO and just use cryptographic tokens to grant access to your service or use open source >software for example, promoting or selling those access tokens to Japanese may become restricted. Off the top of my head, >decentralized service providers like Storj, Siacoin or Augur, which have decent following in Japan but probably not major >enough to be approved by the government, are some of the projects which will potentially get troubled by this.

    We hope that they can be more smart and manage better this thorny problematic! And don't pull it down a new sunrise of token ecosysteme and there numerous use case: advertising, blogging rewards, games item with Spell of Genesis , Rare Pepe Cards [1], Force of Will, all that Koji mixed in is really nice wallet Book of ORBS [2]

    Thanx to Koji for his great post!

    Don't cut the Story lane

    Photo : Feudal notes of Japan, Edo period , Early 1-yen banknote (1873), engraved and printed by the Continental Bank Note Company of New York ; source wikipedia; and CNPCCARD Everdreamsof, Spells of Genesis Games

    [1] Fore a introduction on the Rare Pepe Phenomenon see here and for more news see this latest post

    [2] more info on the last update of BoO and is integration of Rare Pepe Cards, see old steemit post

    My original post on steemit here

  • GetGems Developement Update for all

    New Statement from Max Harman on the GetGems community, and new challenge for it...

    Hi all,

    Max Harman just made a new statement on medium concerning the community.

    He speak of the last challenge, that the French Team have won (I Know that!! because i participated to this victory... but it's easy when you are a teacher and that you work in classe with GetGems/Telegram... anyway, an other post is needed for telling this story..) I put the Max words below and want amphasis that he give to us a new challenge! Reaching 150 members for more Gemz rain...

    Hello all! Surprised to hear from me again so soon? I would like to announce that GetGems — France has won our first community group reward, >breaking an astounding 66 members in just 3 days following my initial post. A serious achievement. For their reward, a 10000 GEM rain has been shared in >the group. Many congratulations and bon effort to all involved!

    In other news we have seen even more communities being introduced, such as;


    Bosnia & Herzegovina



    And I am sure we will continue to discover more countries using GEMZ around the world. We now total at an astounding 67 communities across the world.

    I would also like to announce a new community group contest. Let’s see a group reach 150 members. For this achievement, the reward will again be a large >rain of GEMZ. So pick up that phone, laptop or tablet and get inviting. (Links available below!) You and your friends have nothing to lose; only GEMZ to gain.

    As always, lets make GEMZ better together.

    Max Harman (05/02/17)

    @MaxHarman, GetGems/Telegram/Twitter

    So, the project go forward and it's a really good thing. Don't hesite to join us, just download the GetGems app and become part of the community

  • Re: Rare Pepe Community: "We need you"

    We have to be present on all front: Pepe will rock on steemit

    Hi Folks,

    i just made a synthesis of my LTBN post in direction of steemit community, see here, here, here and here. It's dedicated to bring information into the rare Pepe phenomenon!

    Be present on all front and we will be succesfull

    "The dankness made possible by #PepeCards will far exceed the cost of electricity. Therefore, not having PepeCards would be a net waste."-Satoshi Pepemoto in pepecoindesk.con

    "#PepeCash is Cash with Big Ass" - Charlie Shrempepe

    Kek have sayed "Who want steem might use pepecash as fuel"

  • Re: Rare Pepe Community: "We need you"

    PepeCash to the moon on Tux Exchange: It's just reach the 200 satochi per 1 PepeCash...

    alt text

    Hi folks,

    Today PepeCash prices broke above the 200 sat per PepeCash swing high and began and new uptrend, and still in rally mode for the second half of January. This middle term uptrend should possibly continues into the new month. See below for the 3 month chart (screenshot of Blockfolio App, see old post

    Now, big movements are still at work on the PepeCash whose volumes as the price are very much on an upward trend and this for two days on exchange see old post. Particularly on Tux exchange, which the volumes literally exploded and price rocketed to a ATH like you can see on the chart below

    These movements seem to start with a vote on twitter about the next altcoin to be pumped see the original tweet. See below

    Then, if PepeCash have now the second place just after Litecoin, the autor, @ActualAdviceBTC, annouced that he bought some....

    He conclued that only PepeCash survey seems to be right!! and predicted uptrend for the next week...

    You tell yourself that this is just an episode of bullish speculation / pump, and you're probably right.

    But in the days of today, who can say when such a movement will stop?. Because, in the same time Poloniex seems to be on pression by a new vote on twitter for the next altcoin to be listed ... And PepeCash is already now on the first place (see below)

    Don't hesitate to vote on tweeter for PepeCash and more important, if you want to be an alpha, come on Tux exchange and buy your first amount of Pepecash

    "The dankness made possible by #PepeCards will far exceed the cost of electricity. Therefore, not having PepeCards would be a net waste."-Satoshi Pepemoto in pepecoindesk.con

    "#PepeCash is Cash with Big Ass" - Charlie Shrempepe

    "The more we will be, the more fun we will end and the more value we will generate", R.Verpepe, in PepeDesk.con

    "We have elected to put or money and faith in a Kek and pepe framework that is free of politics and human error" Tyler Pepelevoss in Pepenest

  • Re: Rare Pepe Community: "We need you"

    Pepe community like Pepe but they like SuperBowl too: Bet on match for PepeCash

    Hi Folks,

    Great job made by a member of our community on his website

    You can now bet on your favorite team for PepeCash by buying the corresponding token: each one have is own token, so for Atlanta Falcons it's the SUPERBOWLFAL ; and for New England Patriots: SUPERBOWLPAT. For more info see the site. You can uy Pepe cash on the Dex and On TuxExchange (see the old post

    Rarepepewallet support this feature (but this tokens will appear in My Not Rare Pepes). see below

    "I’m a big fan of #Rare Pepe. Regulation of money supply needs to be depoliticized and more dank." - Al Gorpepe on Wall Street NewsPepe

    "If you don't believe pepe or don't get it, i don't have time to try to convince you..." Satochi Pepemoto quoted in Pepecoinest

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