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  • Bitcoin Investment Opportunity: BitConnect is Looking For Owners

    Bitcoin Investment Opportunity: BitConnect is Looking For Owners

    Have you ever been a landlord, business owner, a venture capitalist, a pantomime, independently wealthy, a Winklevoss twin, a webmaster, started your own altcoin, or just ever wondered what it would be like to be awesome? Well, have I got the targeted Bitcoin opportunity for you! This site, the one, and only has lost an investor, but has gained an opportunity for you to steal the show, and become a big shot! If you are ready to lead, or just put “I’m the Boss” on your business cards, here are some reasons to take over has seen geometric growth within Bitcoin’s community

    First, the bad news. Money has tightened up with the loss of one of our bestest angel investors, so the News Department (Namely me, who does all of the site’s vital writing and editing) has lost its funding. Tomorrow will be the last day of Version 1.0 of the News Department, since these stories don’t tend to write themselves for free.

    After just 90 days, I and the staff here have built from nothing but an idea, a concept, into one of the Top 450k websites on The Internet (See Alexa ranking pic above.) Considering the fact that there are well over 1,000,000,000 websites online right now (1 Billion), being a niche site talking exclusively about a niche invention like Bitcoin and reaching the top 1% of The Internet in website view rank in 90 days is pretty epic! It shows that BitConnect is hot, drawing quality, targeted traffic, and The People dig our style!

    Maybe you own a Bitcoin news site? Maybe you have a Bitcoin hedge fund, debit card, exchange or gambling faucet you want to promote to Bitcoiners worldwide. This is opportunity knocking, so stay tuned for details on how you can corner the Bitcoin market.

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