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  • Real Name: Edward Clements
  • LTBcoin Compatible Address: 15Mo3q6zBrQkzq5Vane7xLpjiWZDDBHrgg
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
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  • Bio: and other Bitcoin related projects. Organizer of the San Antonio Bitcoin Meetup and occasional speaker at Bitcoin conferences/conventions.

    Twitter: @BitBrew

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  • Re: Texas Bitcoin Conference

    @rob I agree on all counts! I actually originally had the conference described in a way that made it sound like a Bitcoin party and conference, and that we'd able to buy cocktails and enjoy them while listening to talks and panels.

    I actually heard very few of the speakers, as I was mostly out interviewing people. But I do have them all recorded, and hope to listen to all 17-ish hours as time permits.

    Did any stand out to you as being great?

    What did you think of H.O.P.E. Gold Coin?

    Elizabeth Swan's talk about intelligence as a DAC was very interesting. Erik Voorhees is always entertaining, of course. I was impressed by the men from the SEC and DOJ on the regulatory panel; they each admitted that their agencies have a lot to learn.

    I must admit, the HOPE Gold Coin confuses me. I spoke to the two gentlemen at their exhibit table but I did not get to see the talk. What I heard from some that did attend didn't help to clarify things, I'm afraid. Its value is backed by gold that they are paying to keep in the ground and no one will be able to redeem these tokens for any part of it? Also, the "checks and balances" seem to me to be circular in nature. Not to mention the "multiplier effect," which was explained to me as simply asking buyers to donate their coins back to the organization so they can be sold again. Why not simply ask for a donation at the beginning then instead of trying so hard to convince me that this coin has a stable value of $10?

  • Re: Texas Bitcoin Conference

    I had a good time. I listened to some thought provoking and entertaining talks, I met a few individuals in person that I had only previously corresponded with online (including John Barrett), I caught up with other bitcoiners I hadn't seen since the last conference I attended, and I was once again invigorated and motivated by all the energy and groundbreaking ideas present.

    Unfortunately, I also felt the conference was organized better last year. Twenty minutes per presentation didn't allow enough time for questions from the audience. Since no refreshments were provided or available without leaving the event, it would have also been nice if a lunch break was incorporated in there somewhere, or at least more than a few seconds between speakers.

    Overall, I'm glad I went but there was definitely room for improvement.

  • Re: Texas Bitcoin Conference

    That was me, Rob. You were obviously busy so I just said "Hi" and left you to your interviews. I'm sure we'll run into each other at another event in the future.

  • Re: Paper Wallets

    The sticker should also have the date on it so the holder has an idea of how much BTC was originally loaded when the market fluctuates.

  • Re: Texas Bitcoin Conference

    I'll be there, Rob. I'll try to tweet as much as possible to make it easier for anyone interested to find me.


  • Re: Crypto Investor and Trading Group

    I'm interested but short on time as well. I'll hit you up on twitter today.

  • Re: Bryce Weiner tips ISIS

    I find myself agreeing with both of the posts above. What he did was just about the most troll-like thing I've seen but he has the right to be a troll if he wishes.

    Did his tweet and tip hurt anyone? No.
    Did he make any kind of point? I don't see it.
    Did he earn any respect from anyone? Very little from very few, if any.
    Will he regret it? Probably. I'm baffled as to what he thought he might gain from it in relation to what he might lose.


    Sounds like it has potential. I signed up in case my meager set of skills may be of use to someone.

  • Re: Moving Past Silk Road

    I'm sure Ross's defense did the best job possible but no one should be surprised that 12 jurors found him guilty. No matter how much of a travesty you think it is, I'm sure even DPR's jaw would have dropped if it had come back otherwise.

    Personally, I believe recognizing that Bitcoin was the linchpin that allowed the Silk Road to operate as successfully as it did is something to be lauded. Just because this particular vehicle happened to be facilitating the trafficking of illegal goods doesn't diminish the fact that it accomplished the job so efficaciously. Blockchain technology allows us to reclaim some of our individual financial sovereignty and the Silk Road was an example of an extreme use case.

  • Re: What and how ...?

    More information can be found here:

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