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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #51 The Future of Banking with Zac Prince

    November 27th, 2018 by DSholla

    “I think the term bank won’t be used so much when we are talking about banking services 20 years from now.”

    — Zac Prince

    Interview location: New York

    Interview date: Wednesday 21st Nov, 2018

    Company: BlockFi

    Role: Founder and CEO

    A sign of the maturing market is the growth of traditional financial products built for cryptocurrencies. Both the corporate and retail financial sectors understand the benefits of crypto, and thus a range of companies and instituti...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #50 Crypto Regulations With The SEC's Hester Peirce

    November 24th, 2018 by DSholla

    “Just because you are calling something Crypto does not mean you can ignore the rules we have had in place for years, but I do think we also need to be willing to open the doors a little bit wider for innovation.”

    — Hester Peirce

    Interview location: Washington

    Interview date: Tuesday 20th Nov, 2018

    Organization: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

    Role: Commissioner

    As the market for cryptocurrencies has grown, so has the oversight from the various regulat...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #49 The Freedom To Innovate With Peter Van Valkenburgh

    November 23rd, 2018 by DSholla

    “A system of money that can move millions of dollars across borders are going to have some uses which are unsavory, it is also going to make the world freer, better and a buttress for human dignity.”

    — Peter Van Valkenburgh

    Interview location: Washington

    Interview date: Tuesday 20th Nov, 2018

    Company: Coin Center

    Role: Research Director

    In the age of financial surveillance, cryptocurrencies have created a headache for regulators. The ability to move value, acr...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #48 Jesse Powell is Building a Culture of Crypto Values at Kraken

    November 16th, 2018 by DSholla

    “It is not just about making money. We didn’t start this company to make PayPal 2.0.”

    — Jesse Powell

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Tuesday 13th Nov, 2018

    Company: Kraken

    Role: CEO

    Volatility in crypto is reflected in the businesses which have been built upon it. Only recently have we seen this volatility with Bitmain, where during the bull run of 2017 the business was generated $billions in revenue and profit, but as the market has corrected, bot...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #47 Adam Back on a Decade of Bitcoin

    November 13th, 2018 by DSholla

    “There are only going to be 21 million coins, there are billions of people in the world, some reasonable percentage of who might find it interesting to own a piece of Bitcoin.”

    — Adam Back

    Interview location: London

    Interview date: Friday 9th Nov, 2018

    Company: Blockstream

    Role: CEO

    The Bitcoin whitepaper has eight references for eight projects and technologies which enabled and inspired Satoshi Nakamoto to create Bitcoin. One of those references is for Adam B...

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    Categories: Distributed Dialogues

    Distributed Dialogues EP #9 - The Devil's Excrement

    November 12th, 2018 by DSholla

    "Countries are moving towards knowledge as their main source of income because we can't rely, as a mining country or an oil country, just on our natural resources. We need to definitely take into account how technology is going to be part of the new Venezuela that we're going to rebuild once this ends."

    —Antonio Ledezma

    Welcome to Season Two of Distributed Dialogues. This season was inspired by the Human Rights Foundation’s Oslo Freedom Forum, focusing on the intersection b...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #46 Francis Pouliot on the Network Effect of Money and Why Tokens Are Scams

    November 9th, 2018 by DSholla

    “Humanity needed to discover what is the best form of money.”

    — Francis Pouliot

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Wednesday 7th Nov, 2018

    Company: Satoshi Portal & Bylls.com

    Role: CEO

    Crypto tokens have come under increasing scrutiny over a range of issues:

    • Are they unregistered securities?

    • Do they hold any intrinsic value?

    • Can they be a medium of exchange when prices are volatile?

    • Are they scams?

    Francis Pouliet, CEO of Satoshi ...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #45 Fixing Online Advertising With Brendan Eich

    November 6th, 2018 by DSholla

    “The system is so lacking in integrity, at least 20% of $100bn is going to fraud.”

    — Brendan Eich

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Friday 2nd November

    Company: Brave & Basic Attention Token

    Role: CEO/President

    The online advertising model is broken all parties are hurting:

    Users encounter a degraded experience as web pages take longer to load - leading to an increase in mobile data charges

    Publishers are losing revenue to fraud, and ad blockers ...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #44 Debunking Economics and Why Bitcoin Will Fail With Steve Keen

    November 5th, 2018 by DSholla

    “One of the great weaknesses of the human species is we have this belief of a perfect world.”

    — Steve Keen

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Monday 29th October

    Project: Debunking Economics

    Steve Keen is challenging modern economic theory which led us into the 2008 crisis. With his two books: Debunking Economics and Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis, Steve outlines the inherent flaws in the capitalist system which are required to make them work.


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    Categories: Let's Talk Bitcoin!

    What Bitcoin Did #43 Dan Held on Bitcoin's Immaculate Conception

    November 1st, 2018 by DSholla

    “I think the world becomes a better place when we stop asking for permission and start building.”

    — Dan Held

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Thursday 25th October

    Company: Picks & Shovels

    Role: Co-founder and Director of BD

    It is 10 years since Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper, and in that time the protocol has survived so much: state-level bans, the Mt. Gox collapse, the closing of the Silk Road and civil war to name a few. Bitcoin h...

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