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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #62 2019 Bitcoin Predictions With Matt Odell and Neil Woodfine

    January 8th, 2019 by DSholla

    “I do not believe altcoins are a threat to Bitcoin, they are a threat to individuals who speculate on them.”

    — Matt Odell

    “It is not a cryptocurrency industry, it is a Bitcoin industry.”

    — Neil Woodfine

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Wednesday 2nd Jan, 2019

    Matt Odell: Co-host of Rabbit Hole Recap podcast

    Neil Woodfine: Marketing Director at Blockstream

    2018 was quite the year for the cryptocurrency space, a space which many maxi...

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    Categories: New Shows

    The Blockcrunch - How Institutional Investors Research Crypto Featuring Tom Shaughnessy

    January 7th, 2019 by DSholla

    Hosted by crypto researcher Jason Choi, The Blockcrunch is a podcast targeting investors, builders, and people who are interested in pursuing a career in the crypto space.

    Currently, many existing podcasts in the blockchain space are recorded conversations lasting 50–90 minutes, which far exceed the length of the average work commute. For Blockcrunch, we decided to capture the most important ideas championed by prominent founders and investors within 20 minutes, targeting busier people ...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #61 Tuur Demeester's Bearish Case for Ethereum

    January 4th, 2019 by DSholla

    “With Ethereum there is a culture of recklessness and not keeping to promises.”

    — Tuur Demeester

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Sunday 30th Dec, 2018

    Company: Adamant Capital

    Role: Founder/CEO

    What is Ethereum? Is it money? Is it a platform for building decentralized applications? Is it a world computer? Is it all of this?

    The bull run of 2017 was kind to Ethereum, ICO mania led to the issuance of countless tokens, and the price rose from $9 to n...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #60 2019 Crypto Resolutions With Meltem Demirors

    January 1st, 2019 by DSholla

    “We all got caught up in this hype, we all got caught up in believing things we knew were untrue.”

    — Meltem Demirors

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Sunday 30th Dec, 2018

    Company: CoinShares

    Role: Chief Strategy Officer

    As we enter a new year and reflect on 2018, it is essential to learn from any mistakes we have made. The 2018 Crypto bear market has hit many hard, from trading losses to layoffs at Bitmain and Consensys to the closing of GigaWatt, th...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #59 What Bitcoin Did in 2018 with Marty Bent

    December 28th, 2018 by DSholla

    “A world of a thousand tokens is not as strong as a world with one token.”

    — Marty Bent

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Sunday 23rd Dec, 2018

    Company: Tales From the Crypt Podcast

    Role: Host

    What a year 2018 has been. The bear market has taken its toll on many: traders have lost money, companies such as Bitmain and Consensys are looking at significant layoffs, and the steep decline has provided the mainstream media with ammo to attack crypto.


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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #58 Trace Mayer On Why You Must Own Your Bitcoin Private Keys

    December 21st, 2018 by DSholla

    “Bitcoin is for all of humanity, it is the greatest technical innovation when it comes to sound money.”

    — Trace Mayer

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Monday 17th Dec, 2018

    Company: Premier Ark LLC

    Role: Manager

    Own your private keys! OWN YOUR PRIVATE KEYS!

    How many times are people told to make sure they own their private keys and not risk holding their Bitcoin on an exchange but they still do? Bitcoin offers people the chance of financial self-so...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #57 Building Bitcoin With Core Developer Bryan Bishop

    December 18th, 2018 by DSholla

    “There are bugs in Bitcoin, some that we know about and some that we don’t. Of the ones that we know about, not all of them are public knowledge.”

    — Bryan Bishop

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Friday 14th Dec, 2018

    Project: Bitcoin

    Role: Core Developer

    Bitcoin may be the most important software project of our lifetime. A decentralized protocol, storing $billions in value, potentially $trillions in the future, yet this software is supported and dev...

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    Categories: Distributed Dialogues

    Distributed Dialogues EP #12 - Robot On My Shoulder

    December 17th, 2018 by DSholla

    "I don't have to know everything all at once, the AI is supplementing that so I have the world's knowledge about what's likely for this particular patient in front of me and probably what's not."

    — Dr. Alan Pitt

    Artificial intelligence is a big term, it's often misused and applies to a number of different applications and industries. It's also very polarizing and people usually fall into one of two camps; either they're wild fanboys about it or terrified beyond the capacity f...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #56 Why Bitcoin Matters For Freedom With Alex Gladstein

    December 14th, 2018 by DSholla

    “A lot of the dismissals, criticisms and attacks on Bitcoin come from people who have the luxury of having a stable financial system.”

    — Alex Gladstein

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Thursday 6th Dec, 2018

    Company: Human Rights Foundation

    Role: Chief Strategy Officer

    All too often price dominates the discussion with Bitcoin: an ETF approval will be great for the price, we need institutions, when is the next bull run? Also, naysayers criticize Bitcoi...

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    Categories: What Bitcoin Did

    What Bitcoin Did #55 The Bullish Case For Bitcoin With Vijay Boyapati

    December 11th, 2018 by DSholla

    “Bitcoin is like gold but with this magical ability that you can teleport it.”

    — Vijay Boyapati

    Interview location: Skype

    Interview date: Tuesday 4th Dec, 2018

    Project: Bitcoin :)

    Bitcoin is a survivor. In the 10 years of the protocol, Bitcoin has survived the collapse of Mt. Gox, the closing of the Silk Road, the banning of Bitcoin by the Chinese government and relentless attacks from politicians, economists and journalists.

    With each attack, the Bitcoin immu...

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