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  • Re: Cryptocurrency Analytics from FXOpen. 12/01/2016

    I am just happy with the numbers I am seeing. It is a time we can also gain something especially after a long period of time where the bitcoin prices were very low. To me the bitcoin should just stabilize at this price and let people gain profit from the investments.

  • Re: Hello all, new and question

    hello. Welcome and congratulation on what you guys are doing. I do believe that this is the forum where you can be able to seek help in making sure that the project you are having is on the right track. feel free to share the ideas and lets help you out.

  • Re: How to earn Bitcoins ?

    You can choose to take part in the process of mining the coins through the third party pools and software. You can also earn the bitcoins buy buying them from the traders who are all over the internet today. You can also sell some things and charge people the bitcoins so that you have them.

  • Re: 7 Deadly Sins of Bitcoin

    What you just shared is very true. I do think they are the key reasons as to why bitcoin is facing very many challenges today. I do hope that everyone learns from this post, very informative. The earlier we discover this, the earlier we are available to save our bitcoin from falling.

  • Re: No LTB today on 3/26/2016

    Hi Adam and happy new year to you. Hope you are having good time. I just want to know if you have posted the ink to the show where you said you will be talking of the "The New Token Economy". I am a newbie who is very interested to learn more when it comes to the digital currency in general. I will therefore be following all your shows so that I can be able to arm myself with the reliable knowledge. Are all this shows available on podcast section of the forum? thanks.

  • Re: Bitcoin is behaving as a currency

    Bitcoin to me is something so stable so that cam not be ruined here and there. You know one thing the bitcoin has been doing is being able to stabilize. This fluctuation is something that is always expected and all we need to do is being able to consider the factors that are behind the bitcoin since they are the one that will contribute to the prices of the bitcoin. I however have confidence that this year, the bitcoin will come to a stable price where we will have no drastic fluctuations like the ones we have experienced in 2015

  • Re: Dark Wallet, New Amazing Updates 2016 - most anonymous/secure wallet.

    This dark wallet seem to be something i have been looking for. I am a person who value privacy a lot when it comes to bitcoin trading. It is always a security measure which will help me avoid people being able to monitor my movements here and there. I therefore be sure to try this wallet out and see the far we will get a long. If it is very effective to me, I will be able to implement it fully throughout my bitcoin transaction. I will be glad to here the people who have joined the wallet so that they can be able to share the experience they have had so far. thanks a lot for the share.

  • Re: DMD Diamond Legendary 10 - A great opportunity for investment

    I just discovered that i am late to place the bids for the legendary 10 auction. I do regret this. I however want to inquire if the auction is scheduled to take place anytime soon again. I have gone through the above post but still have no proper knowledge of how this DMD thing will be operating. If there is that person who can be able to share in details or even refer to me a link that can help me be able to understand this stuff better. To Me it seem s to be something worth investment.

  • Re: Cryptocurrency Analytics from FXOpen. 07/01/2016

    Bitcoin is one of the well established cryptocurrency that we have today. Its performance therefore will always affect how other coins are performing. This year, i do believe that bitcoin will be stabilizing and it will be a great opportunity for the subsequent coins since they will follow the same trend. I am also happy that the price is improving and we can smiling at the investment we are having. I had lost hope and knew the coins will decrease the price to a very low one. But when you see it behaving this way, it is very promising.

  • Re: Poloniex ltbc dump

    Everyone is never happy with one thing that seem to be doing well and it is the reason you have the price going up and at times very low. Personally, I do feel that there is someone who is doing all this and the reason behind it may be for personal gain. Do you remember the hording thing where people lower prices and buy things in bulk and thereafter hike the price so that they can sell this to make more and more profit. However i am convinced that ltbc will stabilize and never die off.

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